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  2. Welcome back Zero! Good to have you on-board!
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  4. Welcome back to the party Zero, Seen you a long time ago and haven't heard about you since. Well i hope all things go right with your purpose here!
  5. Welcome back Zero, hopefully having you here we'll be seeing more fix related patches do increase and stabilize our player-base a bit more.
  6. This is a bit overdue, sorry if there was any confusion ingame. I'm an old player of Ataraxia and did work a bit back for the server. My overall RS experience has been in RSPS, and I've loved the game since I was young. In the present, I look back and remember that RS and private server development has even inspired what I want to do with my career. Noele offered me to become an admin to find and report bugs/issues to the development team. I'll also be online if anyone needs any help or wants to directly report an issue to me or, to hear out your suggestions for content fixes/changes, so just message me if you need! I'll either be on "Zero" or "Cero". Btw if I'm on Cero and you want to do some bossing, I'm your guy (fr not anything too hard tho I'm garbage) https://ataraxia-ps.com/bug <-- Use this to report bugs, and link to people if they ask where to report.
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  9. Welcome Wyatt. Hope you enjoy your stay here man
  10. Welcome to Ataraxia! hope you have great time in here!
  11. YESYES HIXXY! Congratulations brother, Hope it all goes swimmingly for you, i'll come for the baptism can't remember what u wet the baby's head with but i'll bring a bottle of the finest bourbon. Good luck my man.
  12. Man that's huge, happy for ya.
  13. Thanks Ely, I appreciate it. You and everyone else will be missed dearly. But it doesn't mean I can't come and say hi here and there <3
  14. Spoke to you a few times, good to have you around! Welcome to Ataraxia. [:
  15. Welcome to the community Wyatt, glad to see some more forum dudes around here
  16. welcome dude, we got some stuff to work on together hcim life <3
  17. First off, congratulations on becoming a father. Take good care of your child, and raise him/her to be a great person. It's really sad to see so many players that I've known for so long leave after all this time, but I understand why you have to do it, and I hope you live the best life you can. Good luck my dude.
  18. Welcome to the community man, Hope you like it here. There's a lot of good experienced players here if you need anything.
  19. welcome to ataraxia the greatest n best server of the world, tribute. for any1 tht gets that reference i love u
  20. Hello everyone i'm Timebrawler or you may call me by my irl name Wyatt i'm 21 and im from central america i don't really play ingame you might see me log in once in awhile to chat and grab a few lvls but mainly i will be chilling on Forums & Discord, i know i haven't really been on discord much yet since i joined the discord but thats bc all i play atm is osrs and im just skilling on there atm so id be pretty quite but once i start doing some somewhat exciting shit i'll start getting on voice chat more. I LOVE Forums, everyone is ocd/passionate about something for me personally it's Forums i will do anything to better a Forums during my stay so far i do really like the Forums you all have built i might write a Forums review soon and tell you all my own opinion on what should be improved and what is already amazing anyways if you'd like to chat im usually talking or lurking in the shoutbox or you can post some questions you have for me below
  21. welcome to the forums side where all the cool kids come to hang
  22. hey man congratulations good luck and hope to see you come back to visit someday
  23. Congrats man! A new life is coming and responsibilities too with him. Was a pleasure to meet you in-game a little, Enjoy life and take care! <3
  24. Ayyye. Congrats dude. Be the best dad ever Step 1 - Feed your child Nesquik milk only. Aha, catch ya bro!
  25. Sad2c u go hixxy, but there is a dinosaurus coming good luck w the roast(rest) of your lyf
  26. Always sad to see people go, but with a kid on the way, I strongly believe you're making the right decision Good luck on your future endeavours buddy!
  27. Good luck out there buddy, you will do just fine!
  28. Thanks guys, I'm gunna miss you all <3
  29. Congrats on becoming a dad man. You were an awesome person to meet on here! have a good one buddy
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