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  3. Hope you enjoy your rank, glad you'll be staying around! ONELOVENOBUY
  4. ur 2 boose with other games i is bet
  5. Jaddiction 4 global.
  6. Hello Ataraxians, Just wanted to throw out a quick announcement, I will be resigning from Global Moderator and will take the position as Forums Moderator. I frankly can't fulfill the position as Global right now and hopefully someone else can and will. I will still be active on forums and discord just a little less in-game. I will still be around for all your questions and answers. [: One day, I'll maybe deserve the rank once more and by that time, I'll be happy to do so. But for now, just too busy. Yours sincerely, Nobuyuki
  7. Last week
  8. ty guys. better ones to come. i just felt forums needed some quick activity. something helpful for new players who never knew. give other players something to goal for.
  9. Best wish's my dude. Hope everything works out and we see you back real soon.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that, and I wish you the best.
  11. Hope you recover Yung Saz, been nice to talk too ya when I've had the chance. Really nice person wish you all the best. Ever need a chat HMU!!
  12. That's rought buddy, sort of glad you landed on your head or you would never have found out if it's really cancer or not. Wishing you the best of luck! Hope to see you soon all good and well. Take care.
  13. A bit of personal info and a bit boring so if you don't really care you can just skip to the bottom. New and not much info so i'll keep it sweet. A little background info first: So at the beginning of October my graduating class went on a school-wide trip (Senior is HS to clear things up) to a local camp for a 'senior day' where we basically just have fun. I was playing ultimate Frisbee with a bunch of people and someone threw it way ahead of me so i ran and tried to make a diving catch, but ended up flying into someone causing me to land on the back of my head really hard. This caused me to have a concussion (why i stopped playing for a few days). Fast forward a few weeks and I wasn't getting any better and had constant random nose bleeds so my doctor recommended me getting a with and without contrast MRI (scan of the brain) to see what was wrong, the symptoms made him believe i had a blood clot in my brain so he wanted to check it out immediately (this was also because my grandmother died because of one so it runs in the family). We had a lot of complications trying to get the MRI done as the hospital i currently go to can't do walk-in MRI's and the other local one was booked for another two weeks. We did a lot of communicating my my doctor eventually got pissed off because he's the head doctor for Texas A&M and was super busy. He used his connections to contact the director of imaging and the head-ER lady to see me the next morning super early. I went in the next morning and got checked in quick, got the IV (passed out from it, i hate seeing blood), and got the MRI scan done pretty quickly. Juicy Info (skip to here): Doctor called my mother a few days later and told her i had impacted nasal cavities (causing the nosebleeds) as well as a brain tumor on my pituitary gland. I don't know much about it as of now but November 30th i go into Houston and have to stay there for a couple days to get some testing done and that's when i'll find out whether it's cancerous, if it'll spread, if I have to have surgery, etc. But luckily they found it early on because of the MRI and they think I might have lucked out. But yeah, just thought i'd give a little update on where i'm at and if you don't see me for a while this is why. I got on earlier since i had some free time and was feeling okay, so a few people already know. I'll try and get on discord every once and a while and i should get notifications if you PM me. Thanks for sparing me some of your time, cya later.
  14. what are you intending with this reply?
  15. Very nicely done. Great work.
  16. Earlier
  17. Images would make this post look a lot sharper, but It's laid out pretty well. Good job
  18. Artisan's bandana add-on (crafting) Blacksmith's helmet add-on (smithing) Botanist's mask add-on (herblore) Diviner's headwear add-on (divination) Farmer's hat add-on (farming) First age tiara add-on (prayer) Shaman's headdress add-on (summoning) Sous chef's toque add-on (cooking) You can get add-on piece, be having 25k actions, can be used on masks/hats.
  19. Nice guide. Some media would be cool, pictures etc showing the outfits.
  20. Great post! be sure to make more so we can get more activity on forums!
  21. Sweet, good job!
  22. Niceone Mcflyy!
  23. Interesting to hear your take on the Edelar bits. Never knew what you went through. Just checking in on the ole' community. Miss you guys, @Jaedmo, hope to talk at some point. If not, enjoy the break. It's nice to break away sometimes.
  24. 500 Pieces of food cooked for Cooking Gauntlets Every 2500 essence used to create a single type of rune you get that specific rune's talisman staff. So 2500 pure essence used to create death runes would give you a death talisman staff.
  25. fixed it
  26. [Skilling outfits/skilling items] On Ataraxia there are skilling items, or skilling outfits that give additional xp while wearing whilst skilling. too obtain skilling outfits/items are through skilling by not skill, but by times you skilled. (ex. ores mined 500) now each 1k of times you've fished, mined, smelted, farmed etc you get skilling gear. I've added links to show you cosmetic look & to show you outfit bonus's. Now there are other outfits/items in game to help you with exp in skills also such as [MINING] Golden Mining Suit outfit every 1k ores mined [FISHING] Fishing Outfit piece every 1k fishes fished [SMITHING] Blacksmith Outfit piece every 1k ores smelted.{not items smithed, arm or weps etc) [COOKING] Sous Chef Outfit piece every 1k food cooked Cooking Gauntlets 500 pieces of food cooked [WOODCUTTING] Lumberjack Clothing piece every 1k logs cut [FIREMAKING] Ring of fire at 1k logs burned Flame gloves at 2k logs burned Inferno adze at 3k logs burned [CRAFTING] Artisan's outfit piece every 1k items crafted [FLETCHING] Fletcher's Outfit piece every 1k logs fletched [RUNECRAFTING] Master Runecrafter Robes piece every 1k runes crafted Every 2500 essence used to create a single type of rune you get that specific rune's talisman staff. (So 2500 pure essence used to create death runes would give you a death talisman staff.) [THIEVING] Black Ibis Outfit piece every 1k thieved at stalls [HERBLORE] Botanist's Outfit piece every 1k potions made [FARMING] Farmers Outfit piece every 1k patchs picked [AGILITY] Agile Outfit piece every 250/500 agility course laps completed [SUMMONING] Shaman's Outfit piece every 1k pouches made [DIVINATION] Diviner's Outfit every 1k wisps collected _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now there are other outfits/items in game to help you with exp in skills also such as: Sentinel outfit for woodcuting/firemaking Fury Shark for fishing(faster fishing, chance to save bait, and option to consume all fish with head) Ethereal for runecrafting Slayer ring for double slayer points -Sincerely, Mcflyy
  27. Accepted, welcome to Iron Man/Hcim Clan
  28. my ingame name is hcim adam this is my first hcim acc so i hope to get it maxed asap ive have no punishments
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