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  2. Goodluck with your videos!
  3. Hey

    Welcome, hope to see progress vids!
  4. Dreas that would be cool if you can help me out, I use OBS but it auto sets it for me, and I have only recently starting using it as before I was using Xsplit. but yeah help would be great thank you guys for showing such interest and I hope I can provide more videos you guys like, if you have any suggestions on what I should do in my videos contact me on discord, or private message me
  5. Hey

    Welcome to the server!
  6. Hey

    thanks for the warm welcome everyone <3
  7. Hey

    Welcome, Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  8. Hey

    Welcome, glad to have you around
  9. Hey

    Welcome to Ataraxia! Looking forward to seeing you in-game and checking out some sick videos. Enjoy yourself and feel free to ask questions if you have any.
  10. Hey

    Sweet sub counts, hope you like it here. Looking forward for the vids.
  11. Hey

    Welcome! Enjoy your time here Maximum
  12. Hey

    Welcome to the community! It would be great to see some Ataraxia videos on your channel
  13. Yesterday
  14. My auto setup for OBS was 360p 30fps with 2,5k bitrate. I can do 720p 60fps with 3.5k+ bitrate no issue, so I'm sure he can get some better results after messing with it a bit.
  15. thats the thing with OBS, it usually auto sets to your settings for your pc to try and pull best output.
  16. Good to see more content creators come along, but I'm gonna have to agree with Kris, the quality is pretty shit. You streaming/recording with OBS? if so, I can help you with some options to make it a little more crisp
  17. The expected activity part is worrisome in your case. I don't need players to test stuff often, but when I do need, I need stuff to be tested ASAP (as soon as it's set up for testing) & thoroughly, which may mean much longer sessions that what you have stated. Leaving it open for now. You may say a word if you wish.
  18. What's with the potato quality? 480p in fullscreen resizable doesn't work well. Can't read the text at all for instance.
  19. I'd honestly love an Ironman series. Really enjoyable to me.
  20. I am down for this, I have already started, I am doing a campaign on expert I will be doing all things from training / events / bossing / minigames / and skilling
  21. Hey guys! Today I started one of MANY videos coming for Ataraxia! I enjoy playing with you guys and the community development is something I wish to take part in. as the community changes so will the players as we will gain / lose players everyday but I want to see this server progress because it really is a cool server to play with. The staff in this community are highly active and I am thankful for them doing that! Anyway here is the video! enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX3zWyt6wK4
  22. Hey

    Hey, i joined today and having a ton of fun, after maxing on rs3 and mainly only playing osrs servers its nice to try something new I'll be doing some videos as well https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeDXzfBMcClqATArQ6zI28Q
  23. Good bye, xans.
  24. Most stuff i want are small-scale like you said, but i'm waiting like forever for them: - Reaper hood decent bonuses - Reaper scythe especial effect being worth it using - Reaper tasks expansion (haar aken, vorago etc) - Way to make summoning flasks (they are very helpful for skilled pvmers) - More pvp related updates
  25. Accepted. Welcome to beta
  26. Last week
  27. To figure out what's the most anticipated large-scale update by players. I don't want to work on stuff that will end up being completely neglected shortly afterwards; I have no ways to filter the suggestions and most of them are actually small-scale ones, or simply not doable by me (either requiring client work or something else..)
  28. In-game Name:Whyskill Sr. (Ex whyskill) Age:21 Hours Played:300+ Expected activity on the beta:2-4 hours depending on off days from work. Any other notes: I've been playing RS for around 13 years and RSPS for roughly 5 years. I'm a experienced skiller in most RS skills and Ataraxia skilling. Also I would like to test out bosses in the beta. Short and sweet!
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