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  2. This thread has been moved to Knowledge base, Well deserved and a great Guide to reference to beginning players Well done.
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  5. So far my experience with the staff has been nothing but positive. I haven't played long so i'll specify which staff members i've come in contact with and my experience with them @Clumsy - Hue. I've only seen him on the social level, bank standing with the skillers at ;;home. He came off as very friendly, and was clearly connecting with the player base on a personal level and I think that's one of the biggest things I've seen to set RSPSs apart from the others. Unfortunately i haven't seen him enough to offer any constructive feedback, but for the record Clumsy is Brazilian, not Mexican. 10/10 @Overpowered - I saw him bot-busting at thieving stalls while i was there using the hand of god animation teleport, and he's commented numerous times about his support for my guides. No one has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome more than OP. Good feedback is nothing without constructive criticism though so i guess maybe a less flashy bot-busting approach might help in a couple ways. It might make new players feel a bit overwhelmed in a power divide when they see something like that. I think simply teleporting them to talk to them would have been fine, it certainly startled me. Don't get me wrong I love that he's on his toes and ever-vigilant to stop those bots! Also, for as little as I've played I've already seen that little brazilian/mexican joking stuff and i think that should be kept to a discord level, as other players may find that offensive. I know it's just friendly joking, but some others may not see it that way. I have no negatives though, still an absolute 10/10 @Jad - Very little interaction but i can already tell Jad has been around a while. He definitely knows his stuff and i'm so glad that he's around for my ataraxia skilling adventure. 10/10 @Lit - Lit is another good example of the staff that blends in as "just one of the guys" until someone needs help. He's always actively answering player's questions and assisting them, and he puts in a ton of hours. 10/10 @slither - I've only interacted with Slither once, when i had some questions about a skill. He came off as being too busy to help me, which was probably the case. Still a 10/10 because i know the world doesnt revolve around me @Karuzo - Another staff member that has gone out of his way to make me feel welcome! He's jumped on opportunities to try and bring players together as a community already and i think that's a testament to his character. 10/10
  6. I appreciate the kind words! Check back for more guides, i'll be trying to release as many as i can. I've decided that each guide will have polls to let the community decide on future guides, they're going to take a few days to push out because I'm on expert but I'm always working toward the next one!
  7. (Left) My names Dom, I'm in college going for a bachelors in Software Engineering. I'm 25 this April. My hobbies are Nobudo, obstacle course racing, and parkour
  8. This looks very well made. I'm sure this will help out a lot of new players
  9. I appreciate the support! Don't forget to subscribe to the post if you want to know when future guides are released
  10. Very nice and Clean, straight to the point and easy to follow Good Job!
  11. Already told you that ingame, but here again good job!
  12. I appreciate that, I live on constructive criticism. Feel free to edit anything i post or make me fix it! If you have any topics that people CONSTANTLY bug you about, pm me and ill try to throw a guide together for you!
  13. Nicely done, I look forward to seeing your future guides. I'll correct anything if anything is wrong, or I'll let you know and you can correct it.
  14. Greetings Ataraxia! My name is Guru and I'm here to teach you a thing or two about our great server. This will be the official front page/ first installment of Guru Guides. The end goal is to have a fool-proof guide for everything the server has to offer. I'll be doing these guides while i do the respective task in-game on my new character, Guru. Some of you may know me from past RSPS's. Guru is an expert-difficulty account, that way my guides work best for absolutely everyone. I am not a donator. I will not be doing any Ironman or Hardcore Ironman-specific guides for a while, as i want to focus on a majority of the playerbase first. All guides will be fluid. Meaning, any new information brought to me or remembered later will be added to existing posts. This post is not only my introduction, but also my first guide! I'll me making a starting-out guide from the moment you've made your character. This guide will be just the basic information. Welcome to Ataraxia! Above you'll see the home area, reached by typing ;;home or ::home (just about all commands can use either semi-colons or colons) I've color coded certain areas of home to explain in detail. Shop Keepers. From left-to-right: Wydin, potions and food Zaff, magic supplies Horvik, Melee supplies Bob, tools (we'll cover him in detail soon) Lowe, range supplies Aubury, the same store as Zaff but also provides essence mine access. Kuradel, Slayer. Speak to her to get tasks and spend slayer points. She'll be covered in detail in the slayer guide Estate Agent, construction options. Use him to redecorate your house or move to a new location Thieving Stalls and General Store - Earn money and thieving exp by stealing from stalls. The General store will buy just about any items, sell your stolen goods here! Ports - You should begin this as soon as you have any skill 90 or above, Here you can send ships on missions for supplies to make tier 80 armor and weapons Tetsu - Melee, 90 Smithing - Plate Death Lotus - Range, 90 Crafting - Lacquer Seasinger - Mage, 90 Runecrafting - Chi Globe All ports requires is that you check in regularly, no actual work is needed! The best method is to sell all of your materials for chi until you can afford your second ship (Beta, 500) The 12 hour journey option has been shown to be the most reliable From here we'll continue on our tour of home! Elf Hermit - Teleports you to Prifddinas, an amazing elf city with multiple best-method skilling options. You must have 2250 total level, or buy the 4$ perk, to access Prif. Cape Rack - Acquire your Max cape, Completionist Cape, and Trimmed Completionist cape here! You may also view the requirements for each cape and check your progress Recipe for Disaster - Complete this combat-based quest in order to access the Culinaromancer gloves, hybrid damage gloves. The chest next to the chef is where you buy them Crystal Key Chest - Use crystal keys here for a chance at some great loot! Crystal keys are acquired from monster drops and the vote shop. There is a sign next to the chest with all of the possible rewards Death's Portal - Speak to Death to start Reaper Tasks: slayer tasks that assign bosses. These tasks give slayer exp and reaper points, used in Death's shop for endgame gear. This will be covered in detail in the Slayer guide Shooting Stars - Stars fall in Ataraxia every few hours. View the Telescope to know roughly when and where they will fall. These stars can be mined for stardust. When you mine through the star, (SPOILERS) there is an alien inside. If you turn in 200 stardust, he'll give you amazing skilling rewards, along with potion flasks. You'll get random amounts of random skilling items and a supply crate. The supply crates give 150 Crimson and 100 Blue Charms, 10 Overload Flasks, 20 Super Restore Flasks, 20 Saradomin Brew Flasks, and 20 Prayer Renewal Flasks. This is a must for new players and especially Ironman/HC Ironman players. Star Locations can be found here http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Shooting_Star Nastroth - Here you can: Change your game mode, which will reset all of your skills. You will however keep your items and Completionist cape progress Reset your combat stats Sell ancient artifacts, rewarded for slaying your bounty in the wilderness Spend PK points, awarded for killing anyone in the wilderness For our final stop on the home-tour! From left-to-right: Solomon - cosmetic override shop Diango - Rare Item Token shop Fancy Dress shop Wide old Man - Skillcapes, skillhoods, master capes, and trivia point shop Scavvo - Pure gear Party Pete - Vote point shop Alter - Here you can change prayer books to and from curses, or change to Lunar magics and Ancients. To change back to the normal spellbook, select your current spellbook. (If you're on Lunars and wish to go back to normals, select Lunars again) In the middle of this area, you'll see a giant well. Using gold coins on this well allows you to donate toward 2 hours of double exp for the entire server! It takes 100 million coins to do so, but it doesn't need to all be donated from the same person. To check if the well double exp is active, click the tasks icon Bob! I told you we'd revisit him. Bob sells just about every single skilling tool in the game. As a new player i recommend buying one of everything shown below Bob can also repair degradable armor. Examples of this include: Barrows armor (Dharok, Torag, Verac, Karil, Ahrim, Guthan), Nex armor (Torva, Pernix, Virtus), Noxious bow and staff, and plenty of others! If it degrades, he's your first place to try to fix it. His rate doesn't change for repairs so try to use the armor/weapons as long as you can before repairing it! You'll need to use the item on him, as his right click "repair all" option doesnt work. Useful Commands To view this list, simply type ;;commands or ::commands That about wraps up our beginner's guide to Ataraxia, I won't be doing an early money-making guide as there's already a pretty up-to-date guide here : My next guide will most likely be an early skilling guide, such as thieving, woodcutting, fishing. I will be linking all future guides at the end of this post. If you ever have any questions about any topic, feel free to ask the in-game friend chat (type a / before) or pm me @Guru on the forums or in-game! Future Posts: Skilling: PvM: Other:
  15. Thanks! See ya in-game =)
  16. Thanks man! =)
  17. Welcome to the server! Nice to see a fellow muso See you in game!
  18. Welcome on board, Erik :)! Glad to see some RSPS veterans. Looking forward to seeing you in-game!
  19. Thank you so much! =)
  20. Thank you so much! Hit me up in-game for a chat man =)
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  22. Welcome, nice to meet you Erik! I hope you will enjoy the time here with us and you will not regret any second you spent here. And as our Brother Clumsy already said, if you need anything just let us know, we will help you with pleasure!
  23. Hey Erik! What a wonderful major you have chosen. I have been playing the piano for a very long time as well, seeing this is makes me want go practice up a bit, thx! I hope you're finding everything to your pleasure. If you need anything, feel free to message me in-game/forums or any other staff member. You can use the @Faithless to tag the owner/devs. Enjoy your stay!
  24. Hey, my name is Erik. I am 18 years old, i've been playing rs and rsps for probably 10 years. In real life i am a gymnast, a pianist and studying to become a pilot. I am looking forward to play this server and so far it looks increadable, credz to the coder, developer and owner. ~Faithless
  25. team is 10/10 i would recommend being 11/10. give me 25 spins kthnx plox
  26. Welcome, Al. You Thee OP brutha.
  27. Awesome to have you! Love chatting in game, very helpful and you have a very positive energy about you!
  28. Wonderful intro! I'm glad you're enjoying your time spent here. You're an awesome guy all around, see you in-game!
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