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  2. Great quote slider, love ya
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  4. Thanks Kris!
  5. Welcome, Wes.
  6. Hello, I guess it's time to formally introduce myself here on the forums. My name is Wesley, aka Nobuyuki. I've been playing for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying the community and the server itself so I thought why not. I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, about 12+ hours a day, maybe longer. I play all sorts of games so I rarely hate any. Love music like pretty much everybody else. I'd say I'm avarage in knowledge of runescape so if you ever have questions feel free to throw them my directions, Memes are life. Yours sincerely, Nobuyuki.
  7. how to play??????????
  8. A candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long
  9. As always Jaed, lovely your voice is so nice to listen to haha. Thanks for this dude
  10. Well done. Good luck on Summoning
  11. Enjoy the Divination grind! Am at 96 rn and I want to ;;master Good shit Jaed.
  12. think Noel will cover my medical bills for my carpal tunnel?
  13. I'm not botting :feelsbadman: and ;;pz seren stones are broken.
  14. If you say you're going to bot at Platinum zone, at least do it in platinum zone. Not Prifddinnas. Anyway, catch ya later. I'll keep your items clean of dust
  15. Such rip m8, glad i wasn't crazy about this pet or.... RIP ma fingers.
  16. Not botting you nub Just afking. Who do you think I am, Heaps?
  17. Not smart to notify players/ staff that you will be botting mate.
  18. Well boys. I know only ~7 of you care but the day is here. If i'm on i'm afking c ore at ;;pz. Ciao boys, I'll be in discord. Figured I'd add this. One dumb stake lead to another and by the time I realized it I went too far. I always preach to not stake what you can't afford to lose. Edit #2: I don't plan on quitting for good, although I have no plans on bossing, pvming, etc. I don't know what I'll end up doing. Dice has logged out.
  19. Last week
  20. Part of me wants to not say anything and see how far you go with this but you can't get the dung pet that way...
  21. Sadly,this method doesnt work.
  22. Wounded Samurai (with a jetpack)
  23. Donald Trump; conquerer of worlds, bringer of Hell.
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