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    Hey everyone. I didn't think I'd ever be making one of these. But just to make it clear first off, this isn't a Farewell. I'm not leaving. I didn't want to crowd the announcements/staff updates with the thread. And this was the next best place to do it. First off, I made this video that you can watch if you want the spoken version of my resignation/reasoning. It's 42 minutes long so I don't blame you, but it fully explains the story of why. It's a lot more in-depth than this so I'd recommend that over this I tend to ramble on, so I apologise in advance. I first started Edelar/Ataraxia in July last year. I was bored at Uni, just starting a new degree and decided to play an RSPS as it had been over a year since I last played/looked for one. When I started, I wanted staff. Instantly. I have an issue, well not an issue, but I just love being staff. It gives me power and allows me to be in control of something. Sounds sad, but yeah. It took me 2 weeks to get Forum Moderator, I loved forums, I had a pretty pink crown. Two weeks later I got Global. I maintained that rank for a while. The old owner of Ataraxia/Edelar was a terrible boss to have. He gave me the first payment I have received from playing RSPS. This made me realise I can make money from doing what I love. At this time I was running the staff team from Global Moderator and pretty much acted as an Admin. This went on for about 3 months. Now, the old owner had a bit of a problem. He delved into the alcohol a bit too much. When he got drunk, he'd demote his staff. Me included. It happened about 5 times all up. It was a stressful experience for me personally. As I'd get paid on the 2nd of every month, the entire month i'd be worried about getting demoted just before I was meant to get paid and then lose everything. All of the effort I put in over that month would be pointless. I was in it for the money 100%. I wouldn't have been able to tolerate it otherwise. It all ended one day when I asked him if he was going to get Platinum that season in League of Legends. He took this as me saying i'm more interested in league of legends rather than Edelar. One thing led to another, I knew he was going to demote me, so I told him to just get it over with and demote me already. So he did. And he didn't wake up the next morning and undo it that time. At this point, I was lost, I had no idea what I was going to do. I was pretty much ready to just turn it in, this was the only thing I had that I could justify, just being around. Noele then invited me to join Ataraxia as a Global. Once again, watch the video, I go a lot more in-depth. I thought i was going to come on as Admin, but I didn't. Fuck I really hate typing so i'm going to skip a bunch. Tl;dr Forum Mod > Global Mod > Global Mod (better owner) (thought I deserved Admin) > Administrator (got it by being active and doing YouTube) > Co-Owner (Clumsy had to leave, I replaced) > Now Ex-Staff The reasoning behind this is. After playing for over 3,000 hours, you tend to lose motivation. I used to love being the person everyone came to, the person everyone wanted to suck up to. The person that could answer every question they had. I loved getting messaged by people. But now, and for the past month, I've absolutely hated it. I cannot stand being messaged for help, and It's gotten to the point where I ignore people. And I fucking hated Owners/Co-Owners/Staff that did that to me. I don't want to be that person anymore. I always told the staff that I managed if it gets to a point where you don't want to log on or logging on is a chore, or you only log on if it's 100% necessary, you shouldn't be staff. I've reached that point, so for the past month, I've been planning my resignation. I wanted to leave at a good time, but I kinda fucked that up. I wanted to ensure that when I leave, Ataraxia will still be successful. It sounds egotistical thinking that Ataraxia can't survive without me. But I didn't want to leave and then people think that I'm leaving just because the server isn't succeeding at the moment. Ataraxia will succeed with the proper effort of the Development team and Noele, I have no doubt in my mind about their ability. Node, you came in at a great time in the server and managed to make yourself known almost instantly, it was incredible, you are incredible. Kris, your development for the server was amazing, you gave Ataraxia so much content that was the main cause of our success. You leaving will definitely leave a void. P.S You're a cunt Clumsy, You were the best, you believed in me, I don't think i would have ever got so far into Ataraxia without you pushing me along. Thanks for everything, and i miss you. Ryan, fuck you piss me off. You were a damn good admin though, It sucks you left and the way you left wasn't ideal. And it's made me annoyed for a very long time. But it doesn't take away from the fact that you earned admin and a great companion to have to talk to and play GTA with. Rahoc, Similarly to Ryan you were a great friend to have. It was nice just bitching about things with you, kept me sane for a long time. I'm sure we'll talk a lot more in the future. Keenan, Thanks for being there so i can bitch. You've been probably my closest mate on this so thanks a lot. P.S Surprised you kept this secret for so long. Chris/Cook, Fuck you annoy me, but I've known you for too long to let it effect how i think about you. Ty for sticking with Ataraxia and being a great mod (most of the time). Snix, you've been mod for too long. Surprised you've stuck around so consistently. Don't feel bad if you haven't been mentioned. It doesn't mean anything bad. Everybody who has played Ataraxia deserves special thanks because you've given me something to do for a year. And I loved it. And obviously, I couldn't forget the person that has given me purpose and helped me out of so many things. The person that gave us all something to do. The person that has been there for a year consistently providing everybody with an amazing server and insane dedication. Obviously, it's Noele. It's the type of thing that cannot be put into words. But Noele you've done more for me than anyone has my entire life. (except my parents). So this is the end of me being Co-Owner. It's been a great year, and I thank everyone for having me. Over this year i've amassed: 3,200 hours, 661 Post-Count, 626 Reputation (please help me get more rep than posts). I've tried so hard and I hope that everyone enjoys their future on Ataraxia. It was one of the best years of my life. And a great experience to have, giving me a job for a year and a place to escape the horrible reality which is life. Thanks for everything. If you have any questions, watch the video or just send me a question via pm or here. Thanks for giving me a great year and practically being a second family. Jaedmo
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    Hello Ataraxians, Just wanted to throw out a quick announcement, I will be resigning from Global Moderator and will take the position as Forums Moderator. I frankly can't fulfill the position as Global right now and hopefully someone else can and will. I will still be active on forums and discord just a little less in-game. I will still be around for all your questions and answers. [: One day, I'll maybe deserve the rank once more and by that time, I'll be happy to do so. But for now, just too busy. Yours sincerely, Nobuyuki
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    While we are certainly more than sad to see Jaedmo step down from his position as co-owner, we are ambitious to soon fill the role of community manager with a fresh outlook and direction for the server. We are excited to see what comes with our shift in management and we are extremely hopeful to find someone as great as Jaedmo. I personally will miss James more than anyone can imagine, and there are no words I could post here to describe the unbelievable amount of time and effort you've put into making this place what it is today (or how it makes me feel). When we first met, we were mortal enemies; I did not see the transition coming or what blossomed from it. Our work was always exciting, and I've grown tremendously as a person from knowing you. This journey we took in partnership of Ataraxia was literally magical; it will define my years in RSPS to come, and granted me a friend I will never forget.
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    Cya in the disc nerd
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    You have been such an outstanding manager for this community, but you've also been an amazing role model for the community and staff as well. I never could of imagined you stepping down, but as life continues; hobbies alongside certain circumstances change. You and I have shared countless laughs and soooo many long nights up being weird with one another in attempt to get to the bottom of some unspoken things... Nonetheless, I'm very thankful for you Jaedmo. Without your effort into the server, Ataraxia wouldn't be at the state is has grown to be to today. I will miss you being a part of this community soooo much, and I hope you never wander too far. Keep those sexy 6 pack pictures coming on Facebook, and never fall out of touch. Continue to be that organized, timely, and ambitious person you are in real life! I wish you the best with any new adventure you take on!! Take care Jameseypoo
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    I was always fond of your professionalism. Loved how you managed the staff, also how you gave time to hear out what others had to say. Perfect combo of what one would hope to see in a community manager. I've said this before but ye I always tried to be as good as you during my time as staff. Your Youtube series was really tremendous. (Didn't really think you would take it so seriously when you started it.) We hardly spoke, that's probably my bad, socializing isn't my thing. Everyone here really appreciates your dedication towards Ataraxia. But for real had a good time with you around, goes without saying tbh.
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    That's a very respectable decision you've made by allowing someone else to appreciate the role as Global. I enjoyed you being a server moderator when you were actively playing. The step back from in-game may grant more initiative to play in-game if you ever reconsidered your decision. Nonetheless, I hope you find yourself with a less stressful schedule so you can return to enjoy the community!
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    Nice guide. Some media would be cool, pictures etc showing the outfits.
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    I think you've come away since I was on the staff team with you on Edelar. Thank you for everything <3 P.S; extra thank you for being as professional as possible in the last 6 months or so, A lot of people have said they disliked how serious you took your role but I really appreciated it.
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    For real, something that isn't great but it's something that gives an opportunity to us all for a new direction. James taught me everything I needed to know here when I first joined, he was like my daddy B-) and now he's leaving (typical). Absolutely had me in tears at some point with the way you rinse people, James and a whole lot more, gonna miss those Staff Meetings with you. I can understand your reasoning and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. We all have lives to fulfil and you can't expect to solely fulfil it with RSPS ESPECIALLY with the amount of hours you have devoted. I guess it's different for people like me since we can find shit to do with the servers and always keep our minds busy whereas you were performing repetitive tasks a lot. I can see it becoming unbecoming. Sad to see you go though mate, truly an icon for everyone here. Luv u longtime ma bb<3
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    That's a really selfless decision to step down from global, and only assume a forum moderator position, and I'm glad that you see how your position can be better filled rather than trying to fulfill the duties but coming short. Thank you for the update Hopefully we see that green staff name again
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    Doubt you even know of my existence Jaed but it is so sad to see you gone. The best community manager I've ever seen in any RSPS over my time with a huge amount of professionalism which I will severely miss and hope people can learn from it. As far as I'm concerned you were the role model staff member and if people had an issue with you being "too serious" that is genuinely their problem not yours. As for why you are leaving it is a commendable decision a lot of people would just hug the rank for as long as they can so I applaud you for not doing that. Honestly all the best for the harshness of real life, It Really Sucks, but I'm sure you'll come through it fine. Best of luck out there.
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    Hope you enjoy your rank, glad you'll be staying around! ONELOVENOBUY
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    A bit of personal info and a bit boring so if you don't really care you can just skip to the bottom. New and not much info so i'll keep it sweet. A little background info first: So at the beginning of October my graduating class went on a school-wide trip (Senior is HS to clear things up) to a local camp for a 'senior day' where we basically just have fun. I was playing ultimate Frisbee with a bunch of people and someone threw it way ahead of me so i ran and tried to make a diving catch, but ended up flying into someone causing me to land on the back of my head really hard. This caused me to have a concussion (why i stopped playing for a few days). Fast forward a few weeks and I wasn't getting any better and had constant random nose bleeds so my doctor recommended me getting a with and without contrast MRI (scan of the brain) to see what was wrong, the symptoms made him believe i had a blood clot in my brain so he wanted to check it out immediately (this was also because my grandmother died because of one so it runs in the family). We had a lot of complications trying to get the MRI done as the hospital i currently go to can't do walk-in MRI's and the other local one was booked for another two weeks. We did a lot of communicating my my doctor eventually got pissed off because he's the head doctor for Texas A&M and was super busy. He used his connections to contact the director of imaging and the head-ER lady to see me the next morning super early. I went in the next morning and got checked in quick, got the IV (passed out from it, i hate seeing blood), and got the MRI scan done pretty quickly. Juicy Info (skip to here): Doctor called my mother a few days later and told her i had impacted nasal cavities (causing the nosebleeds) as well as a brain tumor on my pituitary gland. I don't know much about it as of now but November 30th i go into Houston and have to stay there for a couple days to get some testing done and that's when i'll find out whether it's cancerous, if it'll spread, if I have to have surgery, etc. But luckily they found it early on because of the MRI and they think I might have lucked out. But yeah, just thought i'd give a little update on where i'm at and if you don't see me for a while this is why. I got on earlier since i had some free time and was feeling okay, so a few people already know. I'll try and get on discord every once and a while and i should get notifications if you PM me. Thanks for sparing me some of your time, cya later.
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    HCIM I'm going to try and keep this as short as I can. HCIM is my clan chat that I've made for purely Hardcore Ironmen. Mostly it's so that us hcim can talk about good methods to train and go about pvming and acquiring supplies/gear. One of the completionist's cape requirements is to slay 5 Wildywyrm which is obviously in the wilderness. As you may have figured out by now, HCIM lose their Hardcore status only when killed by a player in a dangerous PvP area. One advantage of having a clan chat purely for HCIM is that we can stick together in the wilderness to complete this boss together. There aren't too many requirements to join the clan, but I do have a few. Requirements - Must be active on both discord and in-game. Being able to maintain communication is important. - Must be considered worthy to join by either myself or my deputy owner Overpowered (Platinum donator logo, not HCIM logo) - Cannot be punished for breaking any of the ;;rules. Depending on severity of the punishment determines if we demote you, or remove you. Rank Structure Rank within the clan chat can be determined on: How long you've been on the server, how long you have been a HCIM, progression in skills, unique accomplishments, gear acquired, boss kills, participation in clan events, helpfulness, and overall friendliness within the chat. Application Format In-game Name: Image proof of HCIM status: Any previous punishments: Any unique accomplishments: Some goals you have set: Member List Owner: Ely Sia N Deputy Owner: Overpowered Members: Quantum10 Iluvatar Lit Ainzooalgown Catch Derpraiser Iron Barbie Iron Clad R3dlegend Buy Tayrocs Hcim Acaraje Z71
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    Artisan's bandana add-on (crafting) Blacksmith's helmet add-on (smithing) Botanist's mask add-on (herblore) Diviner's headwear add-on (divination) Farmer's hat add-on (farming) First age tiara add-on (prayer) Shaman's headdress add-on (summoning) Sous chef's toque add-on (cooking) You can get add-on piece, be having 25k actions, can be used on masks/hats.
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    Interesting to hear your take on the Edelar bits. Never knew what you went through. Just checking in on the ole' community. Miss you guys, @Jaedmo, hope to talk at some point. If not, enjoy the break. It's nice to break away sometimes.
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    In-game Name: buy tayrocs ( yes, I'm a b0aty fantranny) Image proof of HCIM status: Any previous punishments: nah Any unique accomplishments: nope, just playing this during afk session on my main. Some goals you have set: alteast I want to be maxed in the future
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    We never really talked in game but once in a while we just talk random shit on discord like this But anyways i'm sure we gonna talk a lot in the better discord channel hue!
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    I really haven't ever gotten along with you very much, but I did understand you had a pretty large roll to fill in the server. You leaving definitely leaves a massive gap that is going to be difficult to replace. Thank you for what you've done for the server over the time that you've been here.
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    In-game Name: Quantum10 Image proof of HCIM status: Any previous punishments: - Any unique accomplishments: not yet but gonna play on this while i grind 1b's on my main Some goals you have set: primary goal is comp cape , mayby trimmed if i get worthy protectors for wildy wyrm, after that pvm all the way!
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    I appreciate that. I just couldn't sign into my or any of my alts. all said my computer was banned for breaking server rules. I tried to log in later and only my account was locked. I will still be taking a leave however. i may return in the future but idk. See ya.
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