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    The server is doing great in terms of finesse, especially the new bosses added are just top-notch. With all this amazing staff team, i think it's time to make the server define itself not just by 'Rots' or 'Araxxor' rather from the get go. Me personally who plays for 10-15+ hrs everyday (not atm but generally) ask myself why should i play or do stuffs after a certain point? 'cause loots from bosses aren't the only defining factor at least for players who spend over an year here, basically to say who have achieved and tried all aspects of the game. Now coming to the point, I would say add a Point based system for bosses killed and a store to spend em but not sure if that's possible now. Next are Achievements / Task System, again if this merely is the same as Comp t then it wouldn't do any good, basically would just add to the boredom. They need to be unique, they need to challenging, they should be such that everyone is able to participate i.e, Easy, Medium, Hard and maybe even Elite achievements. Apart from these, 'Daily tasks' would further test a player, making him to do something which is unexpected and exciting, again difficulty sorted by levels or number of achievements completed. All these again would boil down to whether the rewards are appealing or just players doing these content till they get those 'shiny' 1 or 2 items and stop. The store definitely needs a revamp, like i've stressed whenever possible, we need more consumable rewards and not item based. Example: Add something like a token which would give 2x for 10 minutes for combat, another one for skilling, people vote-use and re-vote to get em. Items would just make people stop after a point unless they have a market value. Dwarf multi cannon and its inclusion w/ Slayer - Again i can't stress enough how it would impact Pvm and Skillers. This probably is one of the must have things which would help the players improve their clearing speed / efficiency while Pvming. Pvm Hiscores? - Top 5-10 players who have the most kills in that boss. Reaper Hiscores? - Top 5-10 players who have the most kills while on reaper tasks and Contracts completed. More pvp inclusion would definitely help the server. Dreadnips? The stats revamp was a good move, didn't get a chance to check it due to some technical issues i was having but we definitely needed that. Overall all am saying is there are very few or probably close to none who provide such finesse, the server would look much better if we offer more daily content and rewards which are not just item based so players have something to do everyday and for a long run.
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    Give your opinions on what needs changing in the current combat update. Before you do so, I'd like you all to consider some points though that I've gathered from both systems. Old system's pros and cons: Maxed out ranged gear dealt 3-4x more damage than magic/melee. You could AFK through most of the game bosses. Balancing new bosses was near impossible due to the bonuses we had to add to bonuses; For example, vorago's stats prior to this change were: 600 melee defence. 150 magic defence. 3000 ranged defence. Currently we can set them all equally and there's no problem. New system's pros and cons: All styles are equal. I've ran a lot of simulations in different gears and against different npcs. They all came in very close. Accuracy in combat is now much higher against bosses, so hit consistency is higher, albeit damage is less. All NPCs now have bonuses - prior to this only approximately 300 npcs had bonuses. Now I've added bonuses to several thousand different npcs. New system allows room for variations of different styles - you now have to (unless you got some good gear) take advantage of the weaknesses to get the most kills; prior all you needed was a zaryte bow and they all dropped. The new system also allows us, the developers to quickly release new monsters. We previously had to spend a lot of time figuring out the "balance" between all styles. All we have to do now is write the attacks and the bonuses and everything else is already there. Wilderness is now much more stable - players can come rushing you 1 hitting without even using special attack. Weapon speeds are also now proper meaning there's a large variety to select from, rather than the top three or-so. I could keep going on and on why the new system is far better but I have a feeling most of you will not even read it and just give your opinions, however uneducated they may be in this area. I expect to receive some actual constructive criticism on this thread, not ranting. We would much rather prefer if you could give us details on what we could do to improve the current combat, rather than just revert to old one.
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    In-game Name: Uzi Age: 19 Hours Played: 500 Expected Activity on the Beta: I will be able to be active as much as needed whether that be 2 hours or 4, I will be available for the most part. Any Other Notes: Recently my activity has declined for a few reasons, I have just moved into my dorm and on top of that my laptop broke. That being said it's been a rough week or so. I currently am using a borrowed laptop from the school as they repair mine. I would've liked to apply for support, but I do not think that I am qualified over the other applicants due to my recent decline in activity, but I still would like to help the server in any other way possible. Once my laptop comes back within the next week or so I will be back to my normal activity of roughly 8-10 hours a day( give or take a few days). Thanks for taking the time to read this application.
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    ! Kris is responsible for most of today's update so we'll be using the developer-blog style that he's typed the notes in today. We have a nice format for regular development blogs in the future so you can expect to know what we're up to all of the time The long-awaited Rise of the Six has finally reached Ataraxia! Sliske's beefed up the Barrows Brothers, and that means one beast of a boss battle. In Rise of the Six, you'll team up in fours to face all six siblings at once - each one more powerful than he's ever been - and earn some monstrously good rewards. Loot includes level 90 shields for each combat type; materials for smithing level 90 power-type melee armour! The battle consists of two separate parts - fighting the wights & escaping the collapse. In order to take up the battle, a group of four players is required along with a barrows totem. Players will begin the journey north-west of barrows, where they may enter a well to instantiate the fight. After everyone is ready, Sliske will unleash all six of the wights on the players, three on each side. The wights all have a unique attacks which they may use against the players; below is the elaboration of the attacks: After the death of the wights, players will have one more challenge to go through - the escape. All malevolent energy obtained from within the chest will be in an unstable state and must be brought outside the cavern through the tunnels to stabilize them. Once the players go away from the fight arena, the cave will begin collapsing as the portal holding the cavern together collapses as the wights die - the players will then have 30 seconds to escape the tunnels, albeit slightly altered ones. Rocks will begin falling from the sides, shadow pits all throughout the tunnels begin to bloom and all the bridges break - players will have to use whatever methods of escape are given to them, one at a time. Players who manage to escape will have their energy stabilize - the rest however vanish. Combat rework We have come to the conclusion that the current state of combat in Ataraxia is terrible and needs changing immediately. Due to this decision, we have changes the bonuses on more than a thousand items to ensure they're all scaled accordingly to their tiers and types. A lot of weapons have had their attack speed changed due to this to what they should've been in the beginning. We realize this may cause some controversy within the community but it is the best for future of Ataraxia. Besides changing the bonuses on weapons and equipment, we have also modified the levels on the monsters you find across Ataraxia. Previously, only approximately 400 monsters had bonuses other than a clean slate. After this update however, close to 8000 monsters will be using bonuses assigned to them. This change affects slayer monsters the most - previously they could all be damaged with any weapon as majority of them were bonusless - however this is no longer the case. A lot of the monsters now have defence and accuracy levels higher than some of the bosses you may find. However in the case of slayer monsters, their weaknesses can be exploited to gain maximum efficiency and similar rates as to before this update. We realize this is also a point which may cause controversy, however the change was necessary to stop players in maxed armours from being completely untouchable and allowing them to AFK through the fights. Of course this will still very much be possible with a lot of the monsters, but it certainly will help against the higher combat ones. On another note, all NPCs have had their attack speeds adjusted to what they should've been. I have also patched up the attack and death animations of a lot of existing monsters, to enhance the gaming experience. PvP Death rework After seeing countless reports from the community regarding the current state of PvP, we have began giving our best to combat this issue. We've already reworked several parts of combat, but also worked on other somewhat irrelevant parts, such as teleporting and magic spells. We will begin doing our best to ensure players have an enjoyable experience battling against each-other. The rework has changed a lot within the PvP. Items lost within death now corresponds to the items lost within death interface, so you may completely rely on it now. All protection prayers as well as skulling/unskulling now affect the items lost there. Dying to a monster with no damage taken from any player will result in the items dropping on the ground in the state they were on before the death. Dying to a player will result in all unprotected untradeable items to turn to coins. There are some exceptions to this which can be found within the spoiler below. Upon death to a monster (with zero damage taken from players), players will have 3 minutes to run back and pick their items up, after which the items become publicly available for anyone to take for an extra minute. Bugfixes & Minor changes Anima core crafting has been patched up; you will now require all four essence and you will be given the correct respective armour piece in exchange. Shops will no longer shop the (ironman) at the end of them for players who aren't ironmen. Trimmed completionist's cape no longer has a hidden requirement of 1 million gold pieces donation to the well of goodwill. A bug caused by several threads modifying the same list, causing a global null in ataraxia has been patched. Players can now use dyes on malevolent armours (Was previously not possible even though the armours were not obtainable). When obtaining your crystal pickaxe or hatchet from Lady Ithell, you will now receive the respective tool in your inventory, instead of it immediately going to your toolbelt. All input dialogues (The ones where you type and enter a name, a number or any text) have now been patched up - they will no longer mix up if you cancel them at any point. Additionally, they will now automatically close when an interface closing event, such as walking is ran. WildyWyrm has had its health bar patched - you will now see from the start until the end as its health bar drops, rather than it starting after 20,000 hitpoints remaining. Combat projectiles have had slight alterations made to them, specifically in close combat. Everyones friend -and ignore lists will now be cleared from invalid entries that were previously added there due to the old networking messing up. Additionally, two new commands have been made available for all players. ;;emptyignorelist & ;;emptyfriendslist - Warning: These commands will immediately wipe your entire list when used without a warning, so make sure you really wish to delete them. Ignore list has now been made to work - This extends to every possible chat interaction throughout the game (Public chat, friends chat, clan chat, clan guest chat as well as private messages). Coin accumulator has received some changes. Previously, it would only pick up certain coin stacks dropped by monsters. Now however, any coin stack dropped by a monster will automatically be put into your coin pouch. When using bank equipment on the bank interface, your aura will now be banked as long as it is inactive. Active auras will remain worn. Malevolent kiteshield, vengeful kiteshield & merciless kiteshield have received a special option on them; When worn, players can use the provoke option on them if they're in combat to gain the attention of the monster they're attacking. This can be extremely useful in group bossing as it can help you save a team-mate in need. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and it can only be used against monsters. The charm collector will now automatically pick up any charms dropped by nihils and murpah. Players can now purchase malevolent plates from the grand exchange as an unlimited item. An issue with NPCs render animations and secondary bars now displaying has now been patched. Additionally, Khaled (Cjay) has implemented RS3 hitbar support to our client, meaning we can now use a variety of different hitbars. When casting spells, previously if you drank a brew you could occasionally get the message that your magic level isn't high enough to cast this spell. This is no longer an issue and your magic level is based on your highest level now - whether it's the boosted level or the actual level, the highest of the two will be used to determine the requirement. Avaryss' and Nymora's hitbars have now been updated to use the new blue/orange bars. Avaryss' wall charge attack has now been patched up. It no longer chains together and the animation transitions are smooth. CM Gregorovic hopefully no longer glitches up and becomes unkillable. I've also smoothened up Gregorovic's animation transitioning. You can no longer smith IV bars in Artisan's workshop for massive experience drops using the ordinary anvils - they can only be used for ceremonial sword making. You can no longer glitch up and bank using the bank command in certain areas. I've added restrictions to Vorago, Kalphite king, The Heart, Godwars dungeon as well as corporeal beast. On other news, I have now began working on the upcoming slayer update. We will try to patch up as many bugs as we can find with the existing content during this time, as it has become a serious issue. For those unaware yet, the slayer update will consist of a full rewrite of the skill. I will be implementing close to 150 different slayer tasks as well as all of the existing slayer masters, including the newly added Morvran. Certain monsters will require players to wield certain items to be able to defeat them, or block damage from them. However on the plus side, all boosting-items will now be patched up properly and players will be able to merge different monsters - for example greater demons with Zamorak godwars to gain greater loot while training slayer, not to mention much higher hits and accuracy due to the boosting items. Special thanks Noele - RoTs Map generation VR4 (David) - Balancing the bonuses of items. Cjay0091 (Khaled) - Implementing RS3 hitbars. All the people with whom I tested Rise of the Six & other content - there's too many of you so I'll keep it short.
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    Not really sure how to word this so i'll give it my best go. Vr4 has been a huge help in the past few days in reguards to Vorago by helping us figure some issues out with Kris. He went out of his way to find out infomation he knew nothing about and did an amazing job relaying that info back to us. He has been on the ball with helping me with any ::ticket issues and just in general with questions about the server. He is very easy going and defently deserves the respect. Thanks Vr4.
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    Pet thresholds. Shrimpy. Enhanced excalibur. Yes, I'm consistent.
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    I'm aware that something below may just be in the works but this is what I'd like to see. I'd love to see an Agility re-work. I'm aware that it'll always be a grind but more course options to break up the monotonous feel of the skill sure would be great. Having to stick to Barb course and receive little experience or risk going to the wilderness right now for HCI's is a huge inconvenience. Without the priff perk or the 2,250 total level, level 52 - 85 is a huge gap and tough, especially for individuals that wish to remain lvl 3 combat. I'd like to see something done about mini-games to make them more appealing. The only one that get's the slightest bit of activity is Pest Control and you have to be on during the random spur of the moment gatherings in which a staff member host. I'm usually not on during most of these personally and I'm certain that others have the same issue. I see normal players trying to host Pest Control events, only to have no one to show up and they get frustrated and leave. There's mini-games that are very useful to iron's like myself (Soul Wars) and no one does them, everyone is too preoccupied during x2 exp weekends to even bother with mini-games. Goldsmithing gauntlets - I'd love to see these added but given the ability to give crafting experience, instead of smithing experience while smelting gold ores/silver ores. Both ore's right now are not that widely used by players, would make the ores worth mining/purchasing. The experience of course based on whatever you thought was fair. These would come in very handy for Irons, HCI's and anyone else with lower exp rates. Tiger Sharks - Would like to see these added. Again more options while skilling to break up the monotony is never a bad thing and these are pretty useful. Elder trees - Added/fixed and the ability to fletch Elder short bow and shield bows. Breaks up the tediousness of two skills. Evil tree - Much like the fallen star, giving similar rewards, to more skilling focused rewards (Better rewards based on the type of tree that spawns) and the ability to obtain a supply cache after say 200 evil bark are obtained. To break it up some, you could make the "evil bark" correspond to the type of Evil tree that randomly spawns. (Normal to Elder), which would allow for these to happen slightly more often than the star but keep supply caches from being too easy to obtain.
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    I'm going to be honest. I read your post Kris and from the details you provide, the new combat system seems to be far superior. Having played with the new system and the old system, I really don't mind the new one. I have max gear and can still kill bosses with relative ease although the bonuses have been decreased a little bit. I am ready to trade my gear bonuses for a better game/PvM experience. You've done some great work with this latest update and I am looking forward to the addition of new bosses in the future. Personally, I like that now melee, range AND mage are all viable options for PvM rather than just range. It was certainly unbalanced before and more balanced now. I think one of the problems that has arisen from this update is item pricing. Items that were overpowered previously (ex. drygore mace) has gotten a significant balance while the drygore longsword has gotten a significant "buff." Considering that a mace was around 5b to 6b and a longsword was around 700m, the idea that they are now relatively similar in power may be irritating to some people. Nevertheless, I believe the economy will recover from this, it will just take time.
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    Hey guys! Today I started one of MANY videos coming for Ataraxia! I enjoy playing with you guys and the community development is something I wish to take part in. as the community changes so will the players as we will gain / lose players everyday but I want to see this server progress because it really is a cool server to play with. The staff in this community are highly active and I am thankful for them doing that! Anyway here is the video! enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX3zWyt6wK4
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    instructions unclear, ended up picking flax for 10 hours.
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    I'd love to see Elite & Superior Void. I posted a topic a while ago on how this could be added.
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    Fair enough, accepted. I'll elaborate some time later what a beta tester needs to do and know. PM me on discord for futher details.
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    Previously we granted access to almost everybody that asked for the beta client. Since little to no-one actually used the server for the reasons we opened it for, a new application-based system is in place. This is to prevent information being leaked as well as ensuring that everybody on the beta is helping the developers in the way they are needed, rather than spawning spins, items and doing admin-things to fulfil your dreams. The requirements for a Beta Tester are (subject to change): Fluent in English (for easy communication with the developers) Over 200 hours in-game - This is so you understand the game before you start testing it. You must know the current content of our server before testing the changes. Consistent activity, 2-4+ hours a day on the beta server (if it's required at the time) Knowledgeable and experienced in all PvM and Skilling aspects of Ataraxia, tying into the hours required. You don't share information from the beta if granted the rank, this will result in you losing the rank. These are subject to change, if you have any suggestions for the requirements (none will be removed unless decided by Noele/Kris/David/Cjay). Suggestions on what to add to the requirements only, for now. The application (must use): In-game Name: Age: Hours Played: Expected activity on the beta: Any other notes: This isn't going to be a strict application process, it's just so the developers can choose people that they think will do the best job at testing new updates so that on release they are absolutely perfect. What's in it for you? There are no amazing benefits of testing for us. It improves the server in the long run. However, the currently decided rewards are ranks on the Forums, Discord and soon to be In-Game (hopefully). Jaedmo, Noele, Kris & the Development Team Post suggestions below.
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    With the new release of Rise of the Six, its going to be something to work on, due to finding a good team is quite rough (its challenging so no surprise) APROX Chests done: 38 Day 1 - 9\15 Time Laps: 3hours 41 minutes Shield Count 0 Day 2 9\16 Time Laps: 4hours, 11 minutes Shield Count 0 Day 3 Time Laps:
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    Heehee, I am Anique, some of you won't probably know me but that is not a problem. I'm personally looking for some 'realistic' Goals or Achievements. My plan is to get my trim comp back this week. Because I don't know any goals at the moment, I was thinking let the community make me a new set of goals. I am not looking for the 120 all skills or all pet drop goals. Looking for some I can stay busy with for a week and write a story about it later. Couple of month ago asked someone if I would do a 1k rune dragons loot tab. Hope you guys can help me out Ill see your suggestions in the comments!
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    Much appreciated! I'm always happy to help! Thanks for all of the help with resolving these issues.
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    It's been a good run, thanks for having me on the staff team
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    Patch notes #20 summary: - The Heart of Gielinor (GWD2) has been released - Major networking changes to improve overall stability - Revenants have been completely reworked - Agility has had a partial rework, as well as introduction of shortcuts - Farming has been fixed in dungeoneering - We will be re-writing core skills to promote smooth gameplay including more RS3 content in our next patch, along with release of all-paths Araxxor/Araxxi rework and RoTs! Various updates will be coming to Ataraxia within the next few days. Please be sure to report bugs in the current patch to ensure we fix them, and we will have a public bug-tracking and suggestion system live in the near future. Here's a teaser: [+] Heart of Gielinor (GWD2) initial release - All four Heart bosses have been released with proper combat scripts: * Helwyr * Gorvek and Vindicta * The Twin Furies * Gregorovic - You will get seals from kills within the Heart. - They can be exchanged with the Heart's Chosens for reputation in a faction. - Your first kill at the Heart will grant you reputation as well. - As your reputation gets higher, your required killcount for the Heart will drop. - A cluster system for the future Heart roaming factions D&D has been written. [+] Networking changes - This system is fully done but is pending implementation to ensure proper functionality w/o broken gameplay. - The networking on Ataraxia has been completely re-written to be dynamic/modular. - The server now has full/proper JS5 protocol implementation. - This should help mitigate a handful of issues caused by the previous system: * Random disconnects * Random symbols on friends/ignore list [+] Skill reworks coming - A system for agility shortcuts has been written and is implemented into the live game. - Agility, along with a few other skills, will be re-written to support RS3 content. - We are also doing this to clean up some of the skills that are just poorly written. [+] Content additions and changes - Chic scarves are now fully recolourable - Vorago's magic defense has been nerfed by 40% - Magic notepaper is now tradeable - NPC Examines have been updated to match RS3 #883 - Demon flash mobs boss now has a damage cap, and ranged is no longer the best method. - The forinthy dungeon has been completely reworked, and revenants should be a good source of general cash. - PvP gears should once again be tradeable. [+] Bug fixes - Heart of Gielinor Chosens will face the correct directions. - Co-operative slayer invitations properly fixed. - Banking no longer requires you to wait a fixed amount of time, only ;;bank/;;b will. - Timer thread no longer exists, tasks transfered to new service provider runnables. - Farming has been fixed in dungeoneering - Instances will no longer lock up if the limit is 1 player.
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    I would love to see bob the decanter in-game, saves a lot of time.
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    I would love to see the rs3 interface and everything that comes with it, not the abilities.
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    Menaphos is something Cjay/Noele/The staff will be working on. This thread itself is basically dedicated to me, as I requested it. Just looking to see what people are wanting in the game after I finish Slayer rework - whatever you're suggesting will be done by me if it gets a lot of votes.
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    I would like to see Menaphos filled with it's features such as the Menaphos slayer and all of the districts! That would be a pretty sweet addition imo. I know we have Menaphos currently, but it is just there.
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    I'd like to see the ability to power orbs for crafting implemented. I think that would be easier and a faster way for crafting.
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    Already spoke to you about all these fields here and I think we settled it nicely in a way that fits us both. Gwd1 minions will be nerfed and RoTS we settled on being perfect the way it is. Warpiest I don't know about and slayer.. I've yet to look into it.
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    Are u serious? This is the second time you get me... smh. Not clicking on those again. edit: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmnnnnnn. Fuck life, man, i gotta quit my job and play ataraxia allday now, lmao. For real, you guys rock.
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    My opinion is short and straight to the point; Go for it! Make your application and we'll see from there.
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    Having only just recently joined little over a week and a half ago, I don't feel like I'm entitled to have much of an opinion on this matter simply due to how little I know about the server so far. However, I can only speak from experience playing with BR's because before I joined this community I was part of a large alliance in the game Riders Of Icarus that was mostly made up of BR players. BR's are honestly really fun to play with, a lot of the ones I met are super funny and relatively cool and chill people to be around. The only big issue is the language barrier. Sadly, I don't know Portuguese all I know how to do is throw words into Google Translate and do my best to understand. It is a big benefit when you have someone who can speak both English and Portuguese and the alliance leader from Riders Of Icarus was one such person. He recruited me into their alliance despite me only knowing English because he knew he could keep a good balance there. Sure enough the alliance prospered with both BR's and English-only speaking individuals thanks to a leader who did his best to maintain a healthy relationship between both. How it relates to this matter I see no harm in it. Having someone on the support side of things who can help these BR players get more adapted and have an easier time playing with someone who can understand them. Although like you said the amount of time you play can be an issue, from my perspective this is a good idea as it can help not only the Brazilian players but other players maintain a friendly enjoyable atmosphere.
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    Thanks cryp and ty for the opportunity
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    Hello Members of Ataraxia, Below in response to this thread please post your feedback and opinions on the current Staff Team. We encourage honesty and will work on whatever criticism and/or any notes you have for us. We intend to please and will take any constructive opinions you have regarding how we currently moderate Ataraxia! Also in addition to the feedback helping us as a staff team, you could benefit too! The top three feedback's posted will win the following: 25 x Squeal of Fortune Spins 10 x Squeal of Fortune Spins 5 x Squeal of Fortune Spins Kind Regards, Jaedmo, Noele, Node & the Staff Team The format is as follows: Owner Noel How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Co-Owner Jaedmo How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Administrator Node How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Game Developer Kris How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Cjay0091 How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Dlo3 How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Global Moderator Keenan ( Hot Milo ) How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Server Moderator Snixie How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Captain Cook How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Tom How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Support Team W00w How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Aeso How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Nobuyuki How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Jaddiction How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Kieran How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: Vr4 How effective has this member been for the past month?: How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10:
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    Always love watching progress videos on the server, but sadly theres only a few of them to look at, so some more would always be nice
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    Well done. Keep making videos, they're improving.
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    Not a bad video but if possible try and record video on high detail. or stick to 1 detail. Keep em up bud.
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    I feel you, totally need some fun elements. Take care.
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    Rise of the Six fight example. 3-manning (isn't possible on live but we couldn't get an experienced 4th member so we had to improvise). The video is in no way perfect but after two hours of trying we decided to just take what we could get. Shows all kinds of different abilities the wights have as well as what the difficulty of the fight will be when it's released on the live (The armours we used, by the time it's released will be equivalent to max armours on live in terms of difficulty). Enjoy. Video Credits: Jaddiction, Kris, And Hjoyn
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    Pfft, how are you going about funding this?
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    Congratulations, @Multiply. I like seeing this community grow. Long live Ataraxia.
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    Wahey, ty guys, good to be back and Gj to everyone else.
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    @Jaedmo name of God, AKA Octavio was in tears of happiness when you said his name. legit, we were in our discord channel. Was funny AF. he was like "dude, When Jaedmo says your name, it's so sexy" Now, i want to be a winner too lmao.
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    I know right, no offence to you but yeah
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    Congratulations @multiply !
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    Grats @Multiply and to all the other honourable mentions. Keep it up bois.
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    Hi members of Ataraxia, today I bring you the staff update for the 2nd September, 2017. Just a small one today. Want to keep you all in the loop. @Tom has been promoted to Game Moderator Tom has been amazingly active since he was brought on as Support. He was then promptly promoted to Forum Moderator due to his incredible dedication to Staff Guides. Since then, he has been increasingly active in-game and a great asset on the Oceanic Timezone. Congratulations. Aeso has resigned from Server Support Tranquility has resigned from Game Moderator Hohenheim was demoted from Server Support (A while ago) Bolinbear was demoted from Server Support Jaedmo, Noele, Node & the Staff Team.
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    congrats on your promotion @Tom. sad to see you leave @Aeso & @Tranquility.
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    What is the issue?: Friends chat crashing the game whenever I use any of the killcount chats, the "I have killed...." of a certain boss When does it occur?: Everytime I click on any of those lines, my game automatically crashes.
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    What is the issue?: * Spellcaster gloves passive works only when no weapon is worn. * Unable to use ;;b even after the npc is dead. * Need of working Anvil, Furnace and Summoning obelisk @pz and the pz bonus needs a check. * Gem rocks: Add uncut Diamond and Dragonstone. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Gem_rocks * Weird GE bug where even when you try to 'sell' an item lower than the existing offer in ge, the buyers cant see your offer. https://gyazo.com/d6ccb9eaaebde88b3a05e0233604193e(I beleive they're the items of players who got nulled or fked in a rollback and lost their items which were in ge but they're still stuck there.) * Another issue with client, not reallly sure how or why but it happens quite often. Basically the screen turns into a 'Fixed/Resizable' combi. Can be resolved by maximizing and minimizing the screen. this is how it looks https://gyazo.com/36ffd5e724bf461fc9462815c56e06a1 * Makingskilling more viable by adding/increasing them into pvm drops based on the difficulty of the boss. (Like uncut/cut gems, bolt tips, arrowheads) * Projectile Fixes: Zaryte bow, Attuned c bow. ( Didn't get a chance to check other since i don't own em, i'll update as n when i can) * Adding specific weakness to high tier bosses so there will be wider use of weapons instead of just "Drygore mace and Noxious Longbow". * Please make so that the coal ores in the coal bag are counted for smelting bars like rune, addy, mith etc. * Cosmetic store: Almost all Bow overrides don't work and even if they do they are buggy. Few examples: Infernal Bow, Fairy Shortbow etc * Reaper rewards as a whole are broken - the only reason people would do this is for comp t req or the ring. The hood is broken, even if it works it is not worth using. 99% people buy the charm perk from the store. Amulet of souls is almost useless now with the new necs and blood ammy. Hydrix bolts? poop
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    It'd be like a separate completionist cape basically. Assuming the reward is a cape, maybe MQC (Master Quest Cape)? We'll see. I'll try add some things in tomorrow morning, since it's 1.30am and I'm about to lose my battle to sleep.