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  1. I like this idea a lot. Keep it up
  2. Added some extra notes to the patch logs: - Skillchompas have been added in their respective hunter locations. Their skilling implementations work too! - The full Artisan's workshop minigame with ceremonial swords has been added!
  3. Patch notes #18 summary: - Vorago has been reworked with more proper combat, as well as instancing and challenge mode - Kalphite king has been reworked as well, with its own instancing - Our web design is being finished soon as well, as well as some graphical changes to the logo. - Combat-related pathfinding changes are inbound, with Player vs NPC and NPC vs NPC combat being heavily incentivized - The full RS3 cosmetics system has been added, with 219 outfits, and keepsake key overrides! The server has been migrated back to our primary dedicated server where it will remain. No client change is needed for this; it will solve any recent threading issues with the previous game server. [+] New cosmetic system - Our new cosmetic system contains all 219 full oufits from RS3 - There are several single-piece entries like weapon entries and wings - Keepsake keys will be hotpatched into the game later tonight, and allow you to use a set armor as a cosmetic override! - All recolorable overrides are fully recolorable now - You can access and preview cosmetic overrides in the account manager [+] Vorago rework - Vorago has been completely re-written, with proper phasing and unique attacks - The script is very close to RS3, with legacy emulation. - Has proper map generation, instancing, and challenge mode. - Has weekly phase rotations that will change automatically every week [+] Kalphite king rework - Instancing has been added to Kalphite King - Major changes have been made to his combat script, making him more overwhelming than before - Several pathfinding bugs that could create safe spots against him were deteriorated [+] Additional content - Skillchompas have been added in their respective hunter locations. Their skilling implementations work too! - The full Artisan's workshop minigame with ceremonial swords has been added! - Familiar pathfinding has been completely updated! - Player combat pathfinding has been updated as well! - Esc will now close interfaces, 'home' key will teleport the player home. - Reinforced bones can now be used on altar. - Familiars now automatically retaliate if they're out of combat and their owner is being attacked. - Familiar pathfinding updated. - Player combat pathfinding updated. - HCI now require 5 WildyWyrm kills again. [+] Bug Fixes - The fletching duplication issue in dungeoneering was fixed. - Glacors can now be attacked and don't bug out. - Client no longer sends interfaces every time you resize it. - Interfaces should no longer randomly close. - Several incorrect clues fixed.
  4. Oh I'm sure I'll see you around "Noele taught me many things I probably should have never learned however I know it will keep me safe in the future "
  5. Your obesity is welcomed, fatherless child
  6. "You're gonna need a stamina pot by the time I'm done with you." 10/10
  7. You know how the shit go. @Woes
  8. When I first saw this outfit with bloom, on the new client, I knew it was going to be something spectacular. The item utility is just an added bonus.
  9. 今から宜しくね!

    From Australia to Japan, wow! Welcome back, hope to see you around
  10. I believe that consistent negative attitude is what got 4 staff applications turned down.
  11. Client update summary: This update comes with a necessary client update located here. - Massive overhaul of our client -- Full 881 textures and no audio issues. - Client runs smoother than its predecessor, and allows for more players in one area. - Custom dungeoneering has been replaced with the FULL dungeoneering system. - Two new world events and slayer monsters were added - Linza and Akrisae are now accessible at barrows. - You can now acquire skilling pets for all skills - Check out the update thread for a list of all updates, there's plenty! With this update, SoF rates for rare items are drastically increased for a short duration of time. [+] Client changes It should come with no surprise that our client release has been highly anticipated. It opens up avenues for release of content we've worked on for a while: including Dungoneering, RoTs, and other content that simply was not possible without this massive overhaul. - All items now have the correct inventory and equip models. - Everything that previously was untextured (830+ content) is now fully textured! This includes all items, NPCs, maps, and objects up to revision 881! - No more screeching audio from ambient sounds, yikes! - NPCs will not teleport or move when switching regions anymore. - The new client has increased performance, and will run at lower memory settings than the previous. - All icons, primarily: HCIM, ironman, Co-Owner, Owner, and Developer, have been reworked. [+] Core changes - The server architecture is now spread out across multiple servers. - There are two gameserver VPSs, to ensure if one has any major issues, another is immediately accessible. - The new client will automatically switch to the secondary server upon major server interruption that cannot be fixed with a restart. - The webserver now has its own dedicated server, and its primary VPS is still being configured. - In total, we now have 3 dedicated servers, running 6-8 VPSs, all with independent 10gbps lines and a whopping total of 160GB of ram! [+] Full dungeoneering - True random room generation, with all existing configurations and functional puzzles. - All skilling activity inside Daemonheim is accessible. - All dungeoneering bosses and enemies are added, including rare slayer monsters. - Chaotic Spear and Spikes added to the dungeoneering shop, now functional - Chaotic Remnant now allows you to make the Arcane Stream, Brawler's Knockout, and Farsight necklaces (you can attach a blood necklace shard to these) - The dungeoneering pet can be purchased for a million tokens. - Meilyr potion recipes are now obtainable through dungeoneering. - All dungeoneering journals can be obtained in the current system. - Obviously much more, this is the full dungeoneering system! [+] Barrows system revamp - Now all 6 brothers and 2 sisters are accessible! Including Linza and Akrisae (Akrisae is currently disabled, temporarily, for maintenance) - This means it is now much easier to receive a corruption sigil! [+] New world events - WildyWyrms were releasing into the game! They're a boss version of Lava Strykewyrms located in the wilderness. - Administrators can control WildyWyrms with a control panel, making for interesting community events. - The evil trees world event is now accessible! It's great group XP for farming, woodcutting, and firemaking! (all nulls should be ironed out) [+] Additional content - Skilling pets are now accessible; when you gain XP in a certain skill, you have a chance of receiving a pet! - Camel warriors and ripper demons have been re-enabled! Crystal shapeshifters and Acheron Mammoths will release after small bugfixes. - Rune dragons have had a QoL fix and a teleport added to the training teleports. - The Grand Exchange data system has been re-written to make sure we never have an item-loss incident again related to the GE. - A large number of bug fixes, small content additions, and QoL changes - I wish I could remember them all! Bug Fix Patch/es [+] Bug Fixes - Tormented demons now drop dragon limbs. - WildyWyrm spawn locations are now multi. - Bonfires now require 5 logs again. - Dungeoneering fire blast now requires fire runes instead of earth runes. - Dungeoneering smuggles patched (several, better left unannounced). - Grand exchange dupes, bugs/issues patched. - Divination level-up black screen patched. - Evil tree nulls patched. - Player port's portal now locks the player to avoid smuggles and bugs. - Most items that were missing bonuses now have them. - Clicks are now accurate, you no longer randomly stop running, nor will you randomly stop combat as you used to. - Dungeoneering deadlock patched with construction. - You can now combine blood necklace shard with brawler's necklace and farsight sniper necklace. - Crystal and triskelion chest loots are now always noted, if applicable. - Plane-freezer has been patched, you no longer freeze up whilst slipping. - Incorrect announcement messages removed. - All dungeoneering items (wands, shields, knives etc) now have bonuses. - Crystal shapeshifters are now at their spawn location. [+] Changes to existing content - Noticeboard now displays remaining divination experience until next level. - Ring of Kinship is now put into players' inventory instead of automatically equipped upon leaving. - Crystal triskelion elite clue chance lowered to 25% rather than 100%. - A bunch of new cosmetic items released on the Squeal offortune. - New Gorajan Trailblazer outfit available from the Squeal of Fortune. - Dungeoneering pet's chance has been lowered to 5000 from 10000, buying experience through tokens no longer gives you a chance at the pet. - WildyWyrm requirement has been moved over to trimmed completionist's cape from regular, the requirement only remains for non-HC ironmen (HCI don't need to do it) - Having obtained enhanced fire cape is now a trimmed completionist's cape requirement. [+] Trailblazer effects (Full set of one kind, don't need to be active nor wielding, just need to unlock all): [-] Non-warped effects (One unique set): -5% experience in any action performed within Daemonheim, including -combat. -5% floor experience rise in at the completion of a floor. -5% lower chance ofskilling nodes depleting in Daemonheim. -Plane-freezerlakhrahnaz's room will no longer make players who're -wearing any of the sets slip. [-] Warped effects (full set of four combined): -7% experience in any action performed within Daemonheim, including -combat. -7% floor experience rise in at the completion of a floor. -7% lower chance ofskilling nodes depleting in Daemonheim. -Plane-freezerlakhrahnaz's room will no longer make players who're -wearing the set slip. -Increased chance of finding a slayer creature within Daemonheim. -Ability to skip a puzzle once per floor per team.
  12. Welcome to the server, happy to see you around
  13. Current status of the update: Ready to release We have an obfuscated client for the server, and will likely be pushing an update tomorrow, so that more developers are on at the time to fix any unforeseen issues. Thank you guys so much for your continued patience and I'm happy to see the development of this [client] come to a conclusion.
  14. Current status of the update: Ready to release We are just waiting on one of our client developers to obfuscate the client, so we can release it. All content and functionality has been tested and is working as of now, without game-breaking issues. A developer offered to fix the combat tab bug as well (the bug will be fixed after client release, so that we do not impede our current schedule) Although release looks good for today, we cannot release without a protected client. This is to make sure our 2 months of work was not in vain, and that our content / client stays unique. I still expect to release this weekend.
  15. GIF Resolution may be poor because my screen resolution is 3840x2160