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  1. Currently, clans are broken but they will be fixed soon. I will recruit all new members once this is fixed. Sorry and thanks
  2. Welcome to Simply, a clan that strives to meet the goals of completing the game and reaching the best possible gear sets. We "Simply" conquer each and every boss and provide a strong yet simplistic community all around, one which is created by the strongest players. We will PvM til we drop, master the game, but a community with strong bonds between and and every one of us. Drops will be the least of our concern, as we will be bossing til our banks are filled. This clan is one which will contain the very best, among the best. Have you ever been in a clan but desired more than being in just a clan? I've been in many clans but decided to step it up to create an endgame clan. There’s no doubt the clan has had its moments of prowess and to this day we aspire to play at a high level, but this impetus is secondary and largely accidental. We aspire for it to last until the future days until one day, Simply’s reputation precedes itself. We are always committed to the principles of friendship and maturity. As many clan members might tell you, we like to think of playing this game as logging in to Simply, rather than Ataraxia. We will hold clan exclusive events, such as giveaways and free services to all. Our recruitment policy is simple. We aim to keep the number of active members at a manageable number and where everyone can form relationships with each other, instead of fractioned cliques. When we deem there’s room for a few new clanmates, we look for mature, friendly people. We look for folks excited about Ataraxia and being part of a clan for the long-term. We look for people who can contribute in unique ways, not just how fast they can run a boss. If there’s one thing to know about the guild and how we play, “Simply” says it all. If our guiding principles resonate with you and you would like to get to know more about the clan, start by introducing yourself on this thread and getting to know us in game. And finally, if you think you want to commit to helping us continue to build something great and fun, read further to learn about submitting an application. Requirements We look for the very best PvM'ers so demonstrate as to why we need you. Easy Mode Completionist Cape (T) T90 Gear Set (Sirenic, Tectonic) One Spirit Shield One Noxious Weapon Dom Tower Completion Void Armour Sets Chaotic Weaponery T70+ Defender 275+ Play Time Hours Intermediate Mode Completionist Cape T80 Gear Set Dom Tower Completion Void Armour Sets Chaotic Weaponery t70+ Defender 240+ Play Time Hours Veteran Mode Completionist Cape T80 Gear Set Dom Tower Completion Void Armour Sets Chaotic Weaponery T70+ Defender 220+ Play Time Hours Expert Mode 138 Combat T80 Gear Set Dom Tower Completion Void Armour Sets Chaotic Weaponery T70+ Defender 200+ Play Time Hours Application When writing your application, try your very best and let us know as to why we should accept you. There are no strict requirements to join the clan, however there are certain things we like to see in our members. Ingame Username: Xp Mode: Picture(s) of Player Requirements: Favourite Bosses: Highest Boss KC: Why should we accept you?: Goodluck to all who are interested in Simply! Hope to see your applications and recruitment! Simply Roster (Veteran) (Expert) (Expert) (Expert) (Veteran) (Veteran) (Intermediate) (Expert) aka Shark (Veteran) (Expert) (Veteran) (Iron Man)
  3. Too sad to be true
  4. Commenting for camel staff
  5. Lol hey dude, welcome to the forums
  6. Hmm goodluck guys First part Second part
  7. Take your time Joss, real life comes first and I couldn't ever imagine what you're going through. All of us here on Ataraxia are here for you.
  8. Welcome back looking forward to those weekly events as well 😈
  9. Looking forward to my time as support on Ataraxia
  10. Kiln daddy? I struggle with t90 gear heh
  11. Yeah maybe one day I'll have it down to do full name calls
  12. Can't remember if I've met you in game but welcome back I'll be sure to see you soon
  13. New client tho make it our new home
  14. Best wishes @Noele