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  1. Damn that's my bro, go aeso
  2. Hahaha lit, maybe next month ill get it
  3. Then he goes "ya ill probably edit that out" hahaha imo keep them in jaedmo, or just make more blooper vids idk but i laughed my ass off at this haha.
  4. hahahahaha "fuck this shit" im fucking dead
  5. This video made me want to throw up and kill myself. @Josh
  6. Spam forums more pls. Jk gz and goodluck to 1k
  7. Trash call didn't even say full name of drop. Just another wannabe
  8. I have your divine now ty tubby <3
  9. Honestly a very good giveaway in my opinion. The whole community was every active and participating. My only bad opinion was i was able to complete clues #4 and #5 the fastest which were supposed to be the hardest but were easy in my opinion. Clues #3 and #2 gave me the most troubles even though those were the easy clues. Other than that it was a great event and participating was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for putting all this effort and time into it, it was a total blast.
  10. Good luck in the real world bro, hope it treats you well. I choose 22 if that's even still available lol.
  11. Haha it's cause my badass laptop broke recently so I've been using my trash laptop to play but I can't run HD on it
  12. I literally felt this drop coming you have no idea haha once in a life time thing. Still hyped bout it