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  1. Sadly,this method doesnt work.
  2. After first time i died, forgot to repair rapier,sad haha
  3. 69 clue scroll :POG: Nice vid Steawy,id just did give you mine dragon set its fungly anyway.
  4. Ingame Username: Xp Mode: Picture(s) of Player Requirements: Favourite Bosses: Highest Boss KC: Rock Crabs ~ 666 Why should we accept you?:Because my ''Favourite Boss'' has moved to this clan, so i had no choice.
  5. Aww, I'm definitely enjoy it, best of good luck in the future lyfe.
  6. Snixie! Fuck off Snix. Lmfao i lol'd nice vid tho
  7. Good luck with your decision.
  8. Congratulations to new Supports, and welcome to the Team. Thanks for putting the time into Ataraxia, hope see ya around @Not RsWiki @Dreas Snow @Alessandra Late for you @Kieran But still thanks aswell.
  9. Welcome back to the forums Fat Boi
  10. What i see here #FREEMONEY Naw Joke everyone who practipiciate best of goodluck. I'll give it a chance. Third-age Melee School Girl Sweetie Bunny .-. Greenpeace Penguin lul
  11. Congratulations ya lazy lul. @Ariana
  12. Best wishes for you Noel. Hope everything will be alright.
  13. Rip corruption ores, gz kier. 250m now via addy/rune bars? :kappa:
  14. 2k+ hours since i've got superior gear.