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  1. Lmao. interesting item choice :mapt:
  2. just an absolute amazing patch. Dev work team never disapoints.
  3. Ingame Username: Jaddiction Xp Mode: Veteran Picture(s) of Player Requirements: http://prntscr.com/fxqog9 Favourite Bosses: Vorago Highest Boss KC: REX Why should we accept you?: i made your logo
  4. welp...another great staff member off the team. To be honest, kind of tired of typing all of these goodbyes to our community. Hope to still see you around hell. and best wishes on your life en devours, hope you find what your looking for.
  5. Been a big help to all of us, Hope to see you more frequent than you state to be. Hope you find your life on a better path with this departure.
  6. i lold too. Nice vid
  7. Roses Are Red Grass is green And Violets are blue
  8. congratulations both.
  9. Thanks everyone
  10. Best Wishes @Noele
  11. Call me dumb, but i actually use sharpshooter at rax, always have. Even for rs3 reapers.. but i feel vamp should be the way to go, save about 8 to 10 doses through out the fights.
  12. Going to start doing these....Because its fun. Every Week, im going to do a Questionable inventory \ Set up on Rax and see how far i get through the kill. Restrictions: NO BOB - 28 Slots ONLY So @I Play Heaps Wanted Told Forced Told me to do Arraxor in a Dragon Defender Rules - No BOB Must Wear Dragon Defender No other rules apply and this was the outcome (couldve done if small lag didnt make me double brew at 1600HP) Attempt With - Dragon defender and CCB [TOMORROW] Rules - No BOB Any setup - CCB and Ddef must be used No othe rules apply
  13. Nice photoshop skills mate. :kappa:
  14. nox bow only at Nex
  15. jeez. Gz snix