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  1. We aren't OSRS.
  2. Thank you all for participating, we had a nice amount of submissions with a lot of creativity wandering the thread! Congratulations to the winners, I will reward you your cosmetic coins when you are online. Let me know when you are online by Discord if you need to. Keep it up!
  3. It's birdperson. I'm done LOL
  4. Greetings The Rock! Good to have you here. Welcome to the server and thank you for donating so soon
  5. Submissions are looking great already!
  6. Good luck guys. Would be good to see all your creative sides I will update the thread once I figure out the rewards. Edit: Updated rewards.
  7. Good luck and GG.
  8. Woooot congratulations guys! Hit me up when you're in-game and I'll reward you.
  9. I don't want rewards, just wanted to post on your thread Good luck guys!
  10. Lmfaao. Golden man, enjoyed the whole thing.
  11. Niceeee. Delivery as intended!
  12. Congratulations Josh man! Keep up the good contributions. Also, rep for Feed My Ego, Hohen and Brandin. I see you guys around often, keep it up.
  13. Thank you for all your kind replies. I look forward to getting to know you all and becoming more involved!
  14. Thanks man! I'll try my best to go out my way for everyone. Hmm, where does it sound familiar from and no problem, but thank you for the welcoming message Falador Guard.
  15. Congratulations guys, had some dope outfits! Shoutout to @VR4 for the work selfie, absolutely cracked me up.