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  1. Honestly, this video was so professional, it got me surprised. I thought you were going to make a lot of jokes lol. Very well done.
  2. Wow, nice. Din't know u guys could pk Btw, we gotta get rid of overrides from pk areas.
  3. See ya in 3 months. Good luck irl
  4. Everything happens when they have to. You gotta learn something from it, and i think you are doing well. best wishes
  5. Still very busy irl, but man, that dungeoneering update got me nerdgasming again. Noel and Jaedmo, I just can't believe how much effort you put on the server. Getting at least 2 more devs, even though it averages 50 player base. That's how you make stuff work. Community: Expect another kiln service guy, Probably a future support (I've heard that there's an empty brazilian spot) The wilderness king, The pvm boss The skilling hater (my only fashionscape thing is my tokhaar-kal). Daniel, 22, Brazilian, Cyclist, Vegan...
  6. Shields and defenders yeah, but i'm talking about off hand weapons and t70+ defenders, ports, etc... Those were not before eoc.
  7. Offhands take away the nostalgia from playing a pre eoc server which is what brought me to ataraxia back in the day. I was against t85+ weapons on the first place. At this point i am neutral with them, because they would be pretty much like stronger defenders (more dps for less defence).
  8. Long time no see, hun? here are some things that would make a very good impact in the economy: - Remove chargebefriender perk - nerf void Details: If we nerf void, people will use pvp and ports armour more often, which is a bit better for the economy, but still not the goal. If we nerf void + remove chargebefriender perk, all the gwd sets will have much more value, which is awesome, because pvp armour is supposed to be used in pvp. To be honest, the only set that was used was vestas, and to rush only, because of it's short lifetime. Void is supposed to be a dps armour, but not for bossing such as KK Plus: Buff SOA. i suggested that before i quit, i don't know what was done about it. By doing that, SOA will be the stronger spell ingame, like it should be. My suggestion is to make it hit faster (like RS) no matter what staff you are using, which makes the noxious staff and seismic wand the best magic weapons. There was nothing wrong with poly, the problem was the nox staff which wasn't that good. Ice barrage + chaotic staff was equal to pollypore. Pollypore deals more damage with it's regular spell, but with the cost of less damage while using other spells such as barrages. They were balanced that way. Much love <3 i miss you guys.
  9. Wow. Edit: Just wow.
  10. Do not abuse bugs/glitches or safespot, guys! Not a good idea.
  11. All right. Now you will are playing with me. Jesus! Dem good updates! Just remove t85+ items from pvp areas and other op items and i will be a happy man
  12. Thanks everyone! Sure i had great moments. I will keep voting to help the server, checking forums here and there, and in-game as well. Once a runescape player, always a rsps lover Wish i could speak english better, so i could talk on discord. But that's one of my goals to 2017
  13. In my humble opinion, the best pker would be the one who knowS how to tribrid (nh). Melee fights are more likely based on lucky specs. I know not everyone knows how to tribrid, and doing melee fights only allows the event to have more participants, i'm just giving my 2 cents here.
  14. The time has come. Was a good run. One of the best RSPS I've played. The best community for sure. I do not plan to continue playing any rsps. I don't feel the nostalgia anymore. Recently my free time started to decrease, and i have to focus on irl stuff, like my job, where i spend over 12h/day. My HISTORY At Ataraxia: I started playing on march-2016, and i accomplished some achievements that make me proud of my journey here. I was one, if not the first player on veteran mode (Which was the hardest game mode back in the day) who got completionist cape without perks, starting from scratch. And, the first player to get the reaper hood. Back in time, when me, a very good friend of mine and Phippzy were one of the few players doing the tasks. The tasks were very hard (compared to how they are today) and worthless - the grind was real. MY HCIM ACC: I also had an hcim acc, called 1ron maiden, that i dropped at wild with over 2k total level (Also achieved without any perk). MY IGN: When i started playing, i was very bored, and chose "meu ovo" as my ign, which is a very immature name (In english = my egg = my balls). When i realized that i was enjoying the server, my account was already almost maxed in combat, and i didn't want to make a new account just to change the name. Then i found that i could change my display name, by buying gold donator ($100). Since the dollar is very expensive here in Brazil, i would have to work 10 days only to pay that, for real - Then i got 3b cash by doing godwars, (nex not included) ascencion dungeon and some kiln services, just to buy random perks and change my display, haha. I remember getting my first bandos set. Man, it was fun. Unfortunately i don't have any shotouts, because the best friends I've made quit a long time ago, but that doesn't mean i don't like the actual players, i just didn't have good opportunities to know them better (i think). @Noel, i hope you the best with Ataraxia. I hope that you make this server something that no one ever did before, a real good pre EOC experience, with a long journey, which is what got me here, and a big part of the player base. <3 EDIT: I gave ll my valuable and trade-able items to xxfodinhaxx, a friend of mine who decided to come back days ago.
  15. Well, i never found a good way to get the herbs for super restores. Edit: That's a point of view of an hcim without perks...