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  1. Millionaire playboy
  2. Best of luck mate choose number 5
  3. Very nice video, helps out a lot. I can't vorago atm but wil definitely use this in the future. Good job
  4. Best of luck to everyone and thanks for the giveaway Ign:Mvpdany
  5. I haven't met the entire staff team so I cant rate them all but I always see them helping in the fc, The staff team is amazing overall. I have talked to a few staff members like Feed My ego, He's been doing a great job helping out especially since he's always bossing so it becomes hard to pm back at times. He also makes time to show you things personally which really helps, Feed my ego Rating: 10/10 but he can improve in 1 area and that's spamming the chat with rare drops Fat panda is another amazing staff member I've talked to and helped me with donation questions and he answers back pretty fast which is nice, 10/10. Like I said its a Very nice staff team, keep up the great work