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  1. Rip... I know the feels, happened to me twice now. Try to come back, until then. GL
  2. Welcome dude! Enjoy your time here
  3. Took your sweet time. Smh. Lmao, enjoy your time. You juicy man.
  4. You're going to enjoy getting mistaken for someone else. Enjoy
  5. Good luck FAM. I'm always watching you too. Even in the bathrooms.
  6. Unfortunately I have lost the link. I was a content moderator on there, I'd be happy to help you with yours?
  7. Welcome bruv! I'm a maxed ironman now and I'm more than happy to help ya in-game with questions if you need it. Enjoy the stay!
  8. We actually have one made already, and decently worked on it. It just never worked out. Good luck with this one though, looks a lot more simple and easier to follow
  9. Haven't started these, gotta grind them dragonstones to even enter ;C Finally my name appeared, but no win. :feelsbadman:
  10. Pretty sure the affect only happens on weekends? That's what I've heard. What is the issue?: Ironmen cannot obtain morchella mushrooms or fellstalks with ease, or fellstalk seeds. What is the issue?: Sometimes when typing it just changed and starts sppaming your chat box with "is already on your ignore list" When does it happen?: Randomly.
  11. Pffffffffffft. I did how many pouches for you when you were Expert last? And you destroyed my efforts. Sed lyf Goodluck for the 15th time on Expert. Kappa.
  12. I still feel bad.... 22nd June 2017. Rip Whyskill's HCI
  13. 2 many entry help. Gl every12
  14. TFW you still haven't won after like 5-6 months Grats Jadd. Lmfao
  15. I don't wanna be mainstream and list all the people I appreciate, they know who they are. I'm leaving the staff position. Honestly, I don't find the game "fun" anymore. It happens. I need to move on in life and not be stuck in a game. I'm stuck at my mums place which is bad as it is, leeching off her as I mindlessly play a game all day. I just need to get up and go into the big bad world. Much love <3 Thank you all for making my first time as staff, a memorable one Peace