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  1. Enjoy the Divination grind! Am at 96 rn and I want to ;;master Good shit Jaed.
  2. If you say you're going to bot at Platinum zone, at least do it in platinum zone. Not Prifddinnas. Anyway, catch ya later. I'll keep your items clean of dust
  3. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. This is awesome. I love this so much. Finally my ironman can progress and get some Glacor boots. Good shit Noel + Dev team.
  4. Very nice. Triple item chest is insanely lucky. Good work
  5. The aura can be "activated" after the fight has started, however it will not provide any HP regeneration when using a vampyrism aura, etc.
  6. I kind of figured that this moment had come up for you. Wish you all the best mate Stay beep boop asf.
  7. Exactly the same as a few hours ago. Don't post on old topics... You mongoose Locked to prevent more gravedigging. Lmao.
  8. Nooooooooo pls. You showed me the ropes as a staff member and I will never forget that. I appreciate that. Thank you for all you've done Ryan!
  9. Ooooo. Got me interested to see what you got coming. Goodluckk
  10. Asuuhhhh dood. Welcome welcome. Looking forward to the guides you may make
  11. Congratulations @Dashie @Tranquility and @BolinBear! Welcome to the staff team, and goodluck. Mischievous community we have... Sad to see people go. Matt, you were my guide from the start. You helped me learnt he ropes as staff and I could always count on you to show me what is wrong/right. I wish you all the best in real life and that you achieve everything you want to!
  12. Jesus christ that's a list of unfortunate events. Stay positive my dude. Wishing you, and your family all the best.
  13. Congratulations to Aeso! Welcome to the shit storm! Unfortunate Kieran has had to leave, but I wish him all the best in fixing himself up! And thank you all for the congratulations
  14. Congrats Ari, such afk but much votes. Noice
  15. Lul. Look at me now mum. Enjoyed all your videos, keep goin'