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  1. I don't think he wants to add mine because it was spawned ;(
  2. You're acting like it's a finished list. It's crowd sourced and most people will never even contribute.
  3. You're never going to be able to accurately determine the amount of boss pets in the game, since they've been coming in for years. + Another Chick'arra and an Ellie I never updated.
  4. Same, I remember when I had to log into Jiinx's account and ban him.
  5. I think you've confused Mafia with Hunter.
  6. Updated - 01/06/2017 Skill mastery XP's updated: -120 Attack -120 Defence -120 Strength -120 Prayer -120 Cooking -120 Fishing (666M XP) -120 Firemaking Reaper progress updated: Grim Reaper Hood Boss pets updated: Chaos elemental achieved Uploaded monthly update video.
  7. Well I got my corrupt sigils on my expert then gave them to my Vet
  8. 35 hours. Not too bad. I will do them all... Twice. You can only buy the T70's, you would still have to do nex and KK for the others.
  9. I don't see you say anything about bones? You can still sell pure ess for 5-6K each if you're patient, it's not like it was instant selling for that price before. I also don't see why you can't sell d hatchets for 500k ea, I've had no problems.
  10. ALL PvM drops? I hope this includes all pets
  11. On your points about prices being ruined; Dragon hatchets being cheap - How is this a bad thing? This item is a stepping stone for new players and just because you used to make more money from it, doesn't mean you should forever. Besides the hatchet drops were never the main source of income from DKS. Most final bosses members didn't even sell their axes pre-instance, instead we gave them all to Phippzy since he had a collection and it wasn't hurting us gp wise to not sell them. Pure essence price isn't ruined. - There is nobody selling pure essence ATM, I sold 350K+ of it a few days ago. There is a buy offer for 150k pure ess at 4.6k ea. Besides you only get ~10k-20k pure ess for 1K prime kills, which really isn't that much. But my point is Pure isn't is not hard to sell nor is the price far lower than it was pre-instance. Ruined ore prices - ??? Ores cost more than they did pre-instance, purely due to demand. I had over 100K coal I was trying to sell for 2k ea, never sold any in over a month. Then instance came out, a few weeks after I stuck 300k+ Coal in g.e for 5K ea and it sold. I also recently sold a bunch of other ores for more than they were pre-instances.
  12. I have not reported anyone.
  13. #Throwback 07/09/2016
  14. I personally don't think the wiki is worth putting time into building when you can adapt most methods from the RS3 wiki, to find any information you would need about the game.