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  1. As always Jaed, lovely your voice is so nice to listen to haha. Thanks for this dude
  2. Nicely done team. I am loving the skill chomps
  3. Wow. This was unexpected. Good luck in your future endeavours! Keep in touch
  4. Congratulations Josh. When I'm on i'll be sure to give ya a lil somethinh And thank you to those who entered. These sorts of small fun events I'm thinking of taking up twice a month or something.
  5. Welcome to the forums Fat
  6. Congratulations all! Hope you enjoy it and do well. ONE LOVE MATT
  7. Thanks everyone for the lovely words. I'll obviously still be around, But just not as a staff figure. Congratulations to the newly promoted staff
  8. I will be helping out with this rewards. So I personally would like to see some proper innovative outfits. Maybe themed outfits. perhaps some rambunctious and really out-there short shorts! This is just a nice small event idea, for fun. With some rewards. Later on when me and Tranq sort out a winner, we can make it into genre's/themes ETC! Have fun guys Let the best dresser win.
  9. Welcome back MEU! Good to see ya. Of course the boss of skilling is here <---
  10. Wowwww, you're a bunch of nutters.
  11. Welcome to the Forums; and to Ataraxia. Good to hear you're seeming to enjoy yourself! Need anything let any of the staff team know
  12. Obviously I knew this. BUT I obviously wish the best for Noele. She is such a high spirited and down to earth person. She actually allows me to be myself around her. Which I don't really like doing. And I appreciate being here from the get go. I honestly wish the best for you.
  13. Not such bad loot. Although I was expecting too see something a little more expensive than them cheap item. But nonetheless another decent video
  14. Welcome back, I'm sure you'll shout if you need anything. Have fun
  15. 今から宜しくね!

    Feels good to be back See you in-game dude!