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  1. Wahey.
  2. O wat, i got mentioned : P Very cool Gz zsr tho!
  3. This patch note will be fucking massive...
  4. Damn :l I knew it was coming tbh... 7
  5. Fuck, you right... Im sorry i left it out when making the post for some reason... Am slightly retarded. And I HIGHLY doubt you can sell p ess 5-6k each... before you could sell them 5k each fast and 7k if you waited ye i cant sell d hatchets for that price, and even 500k is like shit for a d hatchet... considering the price they were before I EDITED THE BONE THING TO THE POST, sorry about that
  6. Ye, it was immature... But you cant say its not true, legit anyone could do dks. lvl 5 with 43prayer? go dks. 1 in every stat? No problemo, just train at dks Im not bashing anyone, im just saying that its retarded as fuck to say that they are "relatively easy" why try to sugar coat it?they are EASY AS FUCK. Dragon hatchets are way too cheap, you cant even sell em for like 500k each... Like before they sold for millions before, "you used to make money from it" some money from it ye, not alot because you know... before you couldnt just afk dks to get stacks of d hatchets. I know it wasnt the main sourse of money from dks, it was more of an added bonus to them I remember when p ess was like 5-7k each so... Idk why you are just flatout lying about it not being "far lower" when it very clearly is, and will continue to get lower as time goes on. Only reason why coal is being bought alot, is because of clumsy having a massive collection of it, i guarantee that if he wasnt buying coal... There would be ALOT less people buying it, but what about the other ores? Cant even sell mithril 7.5k each, cant sell addy for 10k each, havent tried runite ore because that honestly isnt that effected as rex drops very little of them You're just gonna completely go past the bones price thing? like just ignore it? cool. You could code the spynolyps differendly aswell... Like: - Have them be on the surface of the water really often - have them hit you where ever you are on the arena 1. Im not completely against this idea, but i think just making dks harder would solve the high amount of potions coming ingame as they are consumables, eventually they will exist the game 2. Pretty good idea tbh 3. I think the prayer draining thing would be nice, as that way people with blood furies + vamps couldnt just afk anyways
  7. Relative ease? RELATIVE? A braindead child could do them. They never hit you. They are completely afkable. The items they are ruining are important to the game in my opinion, last time i checkd... Skilling supplies were a part of the economy... But i mean fuck i guess im just retarded? Ye you right, lets let ppl just have 3 differend clients open with 3 accs sitting in rex instances with polypores AFKING it basically... Nothing wrong with that... Ofcourse another way to fix dks would be to add the little things to the sides that i know osrs has... im not sure if rs3 has them? But the little things in the water that hit you
  8. I think its fair to say that dagannoth instances are a problem... - They are completely afkable, you can kill dagannoth supreme in dharoks... with 1Hp.. - Before the instances, d hatchets were 15m and easy to sell.. now with instances you can barely sell them 150k each - Ruining potion prices ( Prime, Rex, Supreme ) - Ruining ore prices ( Rex ) - Possibility of ruining log prices, even tho alot of ppl dont do supreme ( Supreme ) - Ruining pure ess prices ( Prime ) - Ruining bone prices, not just dagannoth bones but every bone price will suffer as it will be cheaper to get dagannoth bones ( Prime, Rex, Supreme ) Im suggesting to remove the 1 dk instances, keep the instance that has all 3 at once... Imagine if you could choose gwd instances without minions? This is basically that, but worse! Because gwd bosses atleast use 2 combat style, these are just afkable... Something rlly needs to be done about these... But ye... Im intrested in hearing what everyone else thinks about these
  9. Sup

    i remember u from a differend server... i think... The server name started with h and ended with n >_>
  10. Yeh sorry about that, i didnt know someone would call me a pussy... I will leave, might stick around at forums... As big part of the community is actually rlly nice, then theres ppl like swish who just call others pussies when they havent done anything but tried to be nice to them you know... but im the one who started and provided the insults here? yeh... OK It has everything to do with money, if i were a staff i wouldnt say it had something to do with money either, if you actually cared about providing differend training methods, you would add stuff that isnt just sof related, clearly you want money for these "other training methods" no? when was the last time crafting received a new training method that didnt involve sof? when was the last time fletching received a new training method that didnt involve sof? when was the last time agility received a new training method that didnt involve sof? when was the last time ANY FUCKING SKILL received a new training method that involve the shit known as sof i can tell you 1 that i know, grenwalls and the other ones for Hunter... thats fucking it My suggestions have nothing to do with the progression that this server has made, i dont think like any of my suggestions have come to the game...ever tbh...? "Not quit at the sight of change within ours" ye because the change is fucking shit.
  11. Yea theres a limit on divine locations like on how much you can gather, you know it doesnt take much to make like 5easy acc alts with 82div and like 60-70farming ( can do easilly with bagged plants, dont even have to wait ) and then just make and Place the locations on those?
  12. You are pointing the finger at the wrong person buddy. Idk if you noticed this but he started it... Im just simply defending my self but whatever. also i said i might be on forums but i sure as fuck wont play ingame or vote for the server. fuck no
  13. People might very well donate just to get the protean stuff. and those xp rates are fucking ridiculous for stuff that you can get alot of easilly By just donating.... how is that not pay to win as FUCK as for the "no one is going to be donating huders just to get couple 99s" you'd be surprised. Yeh, not supporting shitty ass pay to win system = a pussy. good arguement btw just as sidenote, i always thought you were a fucking loser. I always tried to be nice to you but you are just a boring loser.
  14. Very little skilling rewards and im sorry i didnt see the silverhawk boots in sof before... protean items do NOT give bad experience from what kris told me, and what will they be? very rare? ye i dont think so. Probably on the uncommon table... Which is also pretty common... but whatever Bye Absolutely. 110%, no fucking doubt in my mind it did. I would love to see someone tell me otherwise... It just happends to be that you cant obtain those items in any other way apart from sof... and getting sof spins without donating takes fucking ages, like if you even wanna think about getting a good amount of protean things, you better have you wallet open. Because fuck you if you dont have your wallet open ready to buy some spins to get easy xps Sidenote; I might be on forums but i wont be voting not even almost, like not even By accident... And ill sure as fuck wont be logging ingame.