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  1. The tropical sunday
  2. Ingame Username: Tora Xp Mode: Expert Picture(s) of Player Requirements:attached below Favourite Bosses: Arraxor and Vorago Highest Boss KC: I don't count dk's as a real boss, so i guess 143 Arraxor kc Why should we accept you?: Aeso begged me to join
  3. Dear lord, snixies off the rails
  4. And That! is how runescape died....
  5. Kieran's the equivalent of the general store that everyone sells all their shit too, to get bank space kek
  6. trust me you would of needed another 3 brews at least to have completed that, purely on the fact, you would actually have to hit it down for the rest of the hp rather than rely on ruby e specs
  7. ARRAXOR IS RNG bosses that are fully dependant on ruby e specs in a 867 server really need a new mechanic in my opinion
  8. Jaedmo dont need no hoes, Jaedmos a lone warrior.
  9. #release the kracken #release the beta to the public ( test server )
  10. nice shit posting noob
  11. -REP for being a savage noob with warning points

    1. Ryan


      Feel free to abuse your reputation system, if so your permissions to use it will be revoked.

      If you have a problem with warnings, make sure you follow the forum rules.

    2. Tora


      jokes on you because i didnt -rep anyone

  12. ;(
  13. I like this idea, I think it should be more of a high level quest, as the current quests are so easy. possible rewards: cosmetic packs Good guys get : Bad guys get :