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  1. Greetings fellow players, friends & colleagues. Thought I'd leave this here before my temporary departure. Long-Story-Short is that I'm moving house due to unforeseen relationship complications that've left me alone within the house we maintained. I'm taking some time to move out of home into my own place and start investing money into things that are more of necessity than making an attempt to better someone's life who in another sense too; needs time to be with family. I've been thinking about it a lot lately and have come to several epiphanies I had perhaps not maintained in prior time. I'd continue playing on a day to day basis if I could however the arrival on my Internet should be 2-4 weeks; at least until I'm back in-game. I will proceed to remain active on the Forums and can be contacted by sending me a message on the Forums by clicking Here. Don't worry friends, I'll be back in-game with you all shortly. I'm always watching. Yours sincerely. Tom.
  2. Welcome thurr Nunu~~ Looks like we have another Skiller! I hope your Ironman endeavours go well for you.
  3. G'day Hank. Welcome aboard!
  4. Welcome to Ataraxia, Nate. I hope to see you in-game sometime.. OH.. By the way, I'm nice.
  5. Great job man - I hope to see more of these. Also, goodluck towards the attainment of your PvM gear.
  6. Greetings Soldier. Enjoy your stay & hope to see you around!
  7. Goodluck to all the Contestants. Looking forward to seeing your outfits. Here's a little something of my own.
  8. Niceeee. Looking forward to more.
  9. Updates look superb. Can't wait to try out the Gemstone Dragons & to add some $$ and Ataraxia Coins to my Task Tab on the Weekends. Definitely looking forward to the forthcoming updates.
  10. Congratulations, vote champion.
  11. Noel How effective has this member been for the past month?: Noel is what your ideal RSPS Owner should live, breathe, eat & leak like. I feel as though Noel brings something special & unique to this server that no other Owner can possess. I see a lot from Noel, whether it's the amazing community interaction that she sparks, or the amazing updates, or the alluring leadership skills she has developed in my time amongst y'all. How can this member improve?: Hmm, thought long & hard on this one, not really anything to think of so I'll leave it at that. Any other notes?: Keep it up, Queenpin. Rating out of 10: 10 Co-Owner Jaedmo How effective has this member been for the past month?: Well my friend, you have certainly been one effective detective. Jaedmo's always been THAT Staff Member that's on-top of all his priorities and STILL has time and motivation to consistently push and grind the videos for his expert. We need more Staff with the passion that Jaedmo has; honestly. This month I've seen him pull off some things that I really did not anticipate, along with the administration side of things; it's really been an impressive month for him, as always. I couldn't think of a more fitting person for this role and he certainly has pulled it off like a champion. Although this month I have seen some spectacular things & on behalf of the community of Ataraxia, we appreciate your effectiveness, tidiness & efforts that you've contributed and will continue to contribute for the following Era to come. How can this member improve?: The only thing I could really say could invest a little more time into is your online presence, HOWEVER, you severely make up for it across all the work you put in across the Forums, Discord & everything that follows. Any other notes?: Not a lot, just keep doing you, soldier. Rating out of 10: 9.5 Game Developer Kris How effective has this member been for the past month?: I've seen Kris here and there, from what I can tell he's making solidified progress within his GWD2 work. I've not seen you around too much but hats-off to you for taking up the qualities of both a Developer & an Admin. The joy & hopefulness that I've noticed you've brought to the server has been phenomenal. How can this member improve?: Just keep pushing your work on GWD2 & keep fixing those server issues, you've found yourself in a good ship. Any other notes?: Haven't seen you enough to make a firm judgement, just an overall perspective. I'd like to see more of your content & activity in the near future if possible. Rating out of 10: 7 Armarking How effective has this member been for the past month?: Well, I certainly didn't see this coming. Armark1ng came in with a boom; first thing I noticed about this guy was his commitment to fixing & testing the Kalphite King rework over and over on the Beta Launcher. A few days later this HUGE cosmetic update was compiled and added. Never seen something so awesome on a RS3 Pre-Eoc. Armarking provided IMMENSE support to those players who needed it on the day of the cosmetic release. Would be intense to see some more of these cosmetic updates and whatever else you have in store for us. How can this member improve?: Would definitely love to see you login to the Main Server a little more; other than that, nil. Any other notes?: Personally, took a fair chunk of time out of his ploys to help me find my missing overrides when all other staff seemed to be afk.. or have their private chats switched off. Much appreciated. Rating out of 10: 8.5 Dlo3 How effective has this member been for the past month?: In all honesty I've never actually seen or spoken with you. I hear you're working on an impressive Araxxor rework. I've been longing for the day this big ugly spider had it's rework, hopefully you live up to the expectations. How can this member improve?: Perhaps a little of community interaction, could be a timezone difference. Any other notes?: Nil Rating out of 10: 5 Global Moderator Keenan ( Hot Milo ) How effective has this member been for the past month?: Reminds me of a spitting image of Jaedmo as Head Moderator a long while back. Even BEFORE your promotion I always see you on all times of the day which is odd. Definitely noticed an improvement in performance in the past weeks. It's like you just put a V12 engine on a pushbike, like a baby on a kilo of pre-workout. This guy is truly doing wonders. I see Milo online from the moment I wake up - to the moment I put my head on the pillow, he'll still be dipping out of whatever he's doing to type a 200+wpm explanation on how to grind some Mud Runes. In my opinion, I see Keenan as the most underrated staff out there, keep doing what you're doing and do it best! It'll pay off. How can this member improve?: I don't understand this question. Any other notes?: No further comment. Rating out of 10: 10 Server Moderator Snixie How effective has this member been for the past month?: Superb, who would've thought months ago that you'd be hunting me in the Wilderness. Snixah is that friendly neighbourhood watchdog looking over everyone and everything; literally. The decision on your promotion was certainly a great one, never seen a Moderator feel so alive and in-zone. You've surpassed my hours in 6 months, so I salute you on that; says A LOT about your activity. How can this member improve?: Stop killing noobs in PvP. Any other notes?: Try chill out for a second. Rating out of 10: 8 Captain Cook How effective has this member been for the past month?: Honestly was expecting something a little more pressing and spectacular from you the past few weeks. Not sure on your current whereabouts, but I hope you slide back into the gist of Ataraxia soon, you're being missed. I'm sure there's some sort of explanation behind your absence but it could be a timezone thing. How can this member improve?: Activity. Any other notes?: Activity. Rating out of 10: 4 Support Team Bolinbear How effective has this member been for the past month?: I noticed that you're trying things supports don't often do, like keep an eye out for the toxicity and afkers. Although, if you're going to do check ups in Priff, at least do it more often than once every 10K Corrupted Ores. Fully sick lad though, hope you go as far you your thoughts can venture. How can this member improve?: On another note, personally I think you have potential to really excel, shall you put in the effort and determination. Any other notes?: Slick boss new support. Rating out of 10: 7 Aeso How effective has this member been for the past month?: THIS GUY.. MANNN- In my eyes this support has exceeded the limits of expectations this month; at least for me. I see Aeso talking more in the Help FC than I've seen any other player so far. It's almost like he has hotkeys for everyone's queries. One thing I love about Aeso the most is the fact that he's always trying to find new ways for players to interact, whether that be making an exclusive clan, trying to round up the herd to help some newbie's attain their Void sets. Also observed that he dropped whatever he was doing to help others, which is a massive turn-on for a Staff Member. Found myself doing Solo Nex's & Araxxor's without realising he's gone to fulfil his obligations to help out in basically any way possible in his power, noticed how much he dedicates himself to those incoming tickets! How can this member improve?: I didn't realise this question was applicable for Aeso. Only thing I could say is hop online, shame I only see you when I pull all nighters, TimeZones OP. Any other notes?: Seriously though. Keep it up. I cream I cream. Bit of an anus to his peers, but it's full trill boss. Rating out of 10: 10+ Tranquility How effective has this member been for the past month?: Not only does Tranq filter through all his ticket requests, this man is like a Skilling dictionary. Who needs to go on Rune Wiki when the warrior can tell you every supply for every potion within a split of a second. How can this member improve?: A little more communication would be solid. Any other notes?: You have the sickest sense of style mate, no lie. Rating out of 10: 8 Jaddiction How effective has this member been for the past month?: Jaddiction or ZSR or Odisey or whatever he wants to call himself next week. Seems to combine humour and help unrealistically well, it's actually a surprise it doesn't come off cheesy. I spend more time laughing at the things he types when I ask for help than I do when my girlfriend cracks a joke that is SOOOO FUNNY. Right..? On another scale, Just like the rest of the supports, he's here to be utilised and the community will do so when needed, without fail. How can this member improve?: Cat got your tongue? For real my homeslice, just hotkey them question and gz's a little more. Any other notes?: Nyorn, will edit this section as I see fit. Rating out of 10: 7.5 Shiny Zeref How effective has this member been for the past month?: Gonna be honest here, I don't know if I don't see you AT ALL or maybe it's just the name changes. I mean whenever I seem to find you online it's under a different alias, I don't really know when it's actually you or if it's someone else. In my opinion I think you really need to cut down on the ;;setdisplay's; reason being for, almost everytime you ;;setdisplay there's a load of "Woah New Staff?" causing confusion amongst our beloved supports. When I notice you as Shiny Zeref; you do alright and answer questions on the downlow but in all honesty I don't see a lot from you. Again it could be a timezone issue but I'm on at various hours of the day around a 24hour clock. Try tighten up on the slack, I hope next month goes a lot better for you. How can this member improve?: Activity & the decease of your name changes. Any other notes?: Didn't mean to come across as raw, only trying to contribute my voice for the better. No hard feelings. Rating out of 10: 4
  12. Welcome to the Forums eshay. Have some more good yarns in-game, soldier.
  13. Welcome; the server you'll never want to leave! Hope to see you around & say G'day.
  14. Best of luck. Hopefully our paths cross in PvP sometime.
  15. Only a child of God can walk on water. or Santa; in this occasion.