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  1. Well done. Good luck on Summoning
  2. Fashionscape Competition V2 Greetings players of Ataraxia. Fashionscape Competition V2 is here! With the new cosmetic system, it would be amazing to see everyone's outfit (It doesn't HAVE to be overrides) The event is just like the previous one. Post a picture of your most outstanding outfit. Me and someone else will decide which outfit is the best. This time we will choose two winners. 1st place will recieve ''Bunny Ears'' from Noel. 2nd place will recieve 300m from me. Your outfit can be anything from attractive to theme-related (The devil, Guthix). Would love to see some creativity. This time you're limited to posting 1 outfit ONLY. Not several. The event will end Friday the 28th of July. Good luck everyone!
  3. Nice video, Frimby. Seeing as you're playing ''Easy'', I'd presume the series wont be that long. You should probably try a harder mode. Anyway, keep up the videos
  4. Always sad to see people go. But in your case, very understandable. Nothing lasts forever. I wish you all the best, Hell! And we'll to see eachother on Discord, surely
  5. Whaaat!? You were such a magnificent admin. But I can understand the feeling you got, sometimes one has to move on. I wish you good luck with the future, and hope to see you on Ataraxia to times
  6. Intro's good! Looking forward to your videos
  7. Me and with the help from @Kieran, and some second opinions from @Joss and @CapTain_CooK we have decided a winner! The Winner of the Fashionscape Competition is @Josh With the following outfit: Congratulations! I'll be sure to host alike competition and events in the future!
  8. Welcome to the forums
  9. Thank you for the oppurtunity. Looking forward to grow with the team
  10. Well done, Hohenheim. Ab00ze much
  11. Welcome back, Gary! Looking forward to meet you in-game!
  12. Congratulations the both of you! Well deserved! I hope everything goes well for Kieran!
  13. Looking forward to your outfit <3 @Loure
  14. Fashionscape Competition! Greetings players of Ataraxia. I will do a small and fun competition, with the help of our lovely forum moderator Kieran The competition is simple. You post a picture of your most outstanding fashion outfit. Me and Kieran will judge which outfit looks the best. The winner will recieve 300m from me, and Kieran will pitch in with something else (Who knows what?) The competition will end wednesday, the 12th of July, and we will pick a winner! We would love to see your outfits! Good luck! Date changed due to little engagement, and hope for more pictures!
  15. I couldn't stop laughing. Proper fun.