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  1. They automatically turn inactive in all duels now, reactivating at the end of one if the person had an active aura at the start,
  2. It won't count towards it if you purchase it. The requirement is only unlocked upon obtaining the item the legit way. (I'll probably also make it check players' accounts upon login and unlock the requirement if they already own a given item, one time only though, right after the update itself)
  3. The little spynolyps are completely useless on RS3; I first intended to include them in but then I saw how they were handled in RS3. Most of the time they're not even on the surface of the water, and when they are, you'd actually have to be by the very side of the arena to get them to hit you. They're completely pointless. The reason why I kept the dagannoth instances the way they currently are is because the drops are not that good; Barely any rare items, just some decent quantities of noted stuff. However, from the perspective I see them at, there are multiple solutions to resolving this. But I can guarantee the community will absolutely hate what I'm about to say. 1) Remove all kinds of potions from stores and clean them up from accounts, resulting in a high demand of potions, low supply, players trading each-other to get the potions they need; As opposed to current where you just hit the nearest store up and purchase a year's supply of whatever the hell you want. The end result of this would effectively be that players would either not have the wealth to purchase enough potions to remain there for very long, or they'd practically come out just as poor as they were going in. 2) Simply make instanced dagannoths hit through prayers. 3) Something more in the lines of custom - for example give them the ability to poison you or drain your prayer with their attacks, resulting in far more deaths by players who AFK.
  4. The vast majority of content we currently have is all RS-based. There's absolutely no point in putting effort to duplicating the wikia, the differences are just too little. I've seen so many servers give a shot at this and even the biggest ones out there fail to make a decent wikia for their server. I can guarantee this will not happen, there's simply no necessity for one.
  5. I've already settled on the perk. It will give players extra bind slots. The amount is still unknown however.
  6. Not a single Silverhawk boot sole in sight.
  7. Patch notes #16 summary: - Easter event is finally here. Learn about the event by talking to the Easter bunny west of Lletya. - Squeal of Fortune has received a bunch of new items. - Camel warriors have been added, as well as the slayer task - Dagannoth kings can now be instanced - Protean items have finally arrived! Note: The updates have been fairly dry lately because of the upcoming larger updates, such as Daemonheim dungeoneering which I'm sure most of you are eagerly waiting forward to. Tom & Move have also been working on the Heart of Gielinor - Helwyr, Vindicta & Twin furies. Special credits to @Ryan for the Easter event! [+] New content - Easter event is here - participate in the event to receive points which you can exchange for Easter items. - Camel warriors - Players can now fight the Camel warriors for their valuable staff. - Protean skilling; Players can now obtain different protean items from the Squeal of Fortune which can be used to train specific skills in easier manners than usually. Protean items have no requirements to use, their experience scales up to your level in the given skill. - Silverhawk boots are here; Players can obtain the pieces off of the Squeal of Fortune. The boots require Silverhawk feathers to be charged, which can be traded amongst the players. The boots will use the charges when either the player has been running for a whole minute, a player uses a special attack which requires 100% special to be used, or during skilling. - Can now make combination potions using the crystal flasks made at Prifddinas. - Some new Lunar spells have been released. - Players can operate a fish mask to blow bubbles out of it; There's also a low chance, during fishing with a fish mask, that a fish will say something motivational to the player. [+] Changes to existing content - Squeal of fortune has received a rework - for a limited time, squeal of fortune will have enhanced rates; this means uncommon, rare and very rare items are now far more common than they used to be. A variety of new pets, protean items and other miscellaneous items have also been added to it. - Dagannoth kings can now be instanced. You can select whether you wish to fight all three or just one specific king; The choice will be reflected in the cost of the instance. Instancing only one will be three times more expensive than all three at once. - Summoning familiars will now aid in combat with hidden effects (Ice nihil, Smoke nihil & Wolpertinger will now increase the player's accuracy if using magic spells; Geyser titan and shadow nihil will now increase the player's ranged accuracy & blood nihil will increase the player's melee accuracy). - Damage dealt by your familiars will now directly count towards the owner's total damage dealt. - The ;;killme command will now open up a dialogue similarly to ;;empty command. Players can disable the warning through ;;togglekillme command. - A bunch of new spells have been released - Some of those include Bones to peaches, Hunter kit, Humidify, String Jewellery, Fertile soil, Spellbook swap and Monster examine. - Milestone cape looming now has proper requirements. - Players can now exchange chimes for spices at ports and use them to cook rocktail soups. [+] Bug fixes - Zamorak brews can now be created through herblore as well as drank. - Summoning pouches creation is being tracked now again. - Firemaking action will now stop all player's activities before commencing. - Demon Flash Mob should no longer glitch up and always remain attackable. - Corporeal beast safespot has been fixed. - Expert capes have now received the skillcape emotes. - Summoning hitpoints message has now been fixed. - Bare-handed player attack emote has finally been fixed. - Total level has been moved slightly up on the skills interface. - Closing the player examine interface will now take you back to your previous opened tab. - Statius's warhammer will now lower your target's current defence level by 30% + 1 as opposed to previous 70%. - Bandos godsword special effects will now also apply over to NPCs. They would previously only work on players. - Nex nulls should now be fixed. - Saradomin godsword special attack animation has been fixed. - Falador southern allotment patch has been fixed. - Lava Strykewyrm drops have been fixed. - Storing/withdrawing BOB items & robust glass machine now use proper animations.
  8. Huvitav. Ma ka Valga küljealt kohe >.>
  9. Mis linnast pärit oled siis ka? >.> Welcome to Ataraxia.
  10. Since the poll didn't receive nowhere near enough positive votes, everyone will be keeping their stats. People will however have the opportunity to exchange their dungeoneering experience into dungeoneering tokens, completely resetting their level. They would obviously get much less tokens than they had gotten from getting to the given level in dungeoneering, but it's still a small compensation. Players will only be able to do it prior to completing any floors in dungeoneering. Once you've completed at least one floor in Daemonheim, or have it reset already, you will no longer be able to get it reset. I figured this'd be the best way to solve this issue overall, since nearly half the community actually does want the skill to be reset - why not give them the option to do so whereas compensating them a little bit in return. Note: Dungeoneering will bring a lot of new possible options on which one can spend their dungeoneering tokens on - it will not simply bring in more of the items that already exist. For example, to reach tier 10 in all classes of the ring of kinship, one would already have to spend well over three million dungeoneering tokens to reach that. I'll leave the thread open for discussion and ideas for a little bit, let me know how you as players like this solution.
  11. Unless there's a drastical change in the votes in the next few days, the skill will not be reset on anyone. At least 75% of the players must choose yes for this to happen.
  12. The tokens from the current dungeoneering system will be carried over to the new one.
  13. Let's make this short - Should we reset people's dungeoneering levels upon the launch of the proper dungeoneering or not? All players will have to start their dungeoneering journey from floor one regardless of their current dungeoneering level. Some media regarding dungeoneering for those who've missed it:
  14. If you say so lol. But on sidenote, if you wanna quit just quit. No need to insult others here.
  15. Amusing lol. I highly doubt anyone will be donating for spins just to get some protean stuff off of them. Just so you'd know, for the 100 USD spins pack, you'd on average get about 2000 different protean items (total, not each). In comparison.. Let's look at some data. Magic logs firemaking xp - 303.8 Protean logs @ level 75 - 577.5 Magic logs are by far much, much easier to obtain than protean lol. A few higher level boss kills will already get you hundreds of magic logs, whereas one would have to donate quite a bit to get protean items. For another example, I'll put up Fletching: Protean logs @ level 80 - 278 Magic logs (shortbows) - 83.8 Sure the experience difference is quite big, but no one is going to be donating hundreds just to get a couple 99s lol.