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    Hi members of Ataraxia, today I bring you the staff update for the 27th February, 2018. @Lit has been promoted to Game Moderator Lit has continued to show everyone that he is a top tier player, even to say.. Stepping it up a notch after becoming a Support This and his dedication towards Ataraxia led to this promotion. @I Play Heaps has been promoted to Server Support I Play Heaps has been a part of this community for an extremely long time, and he continues to show consistency through highs and lows. In the past he has proved himself to be one of the best of the best, and still he does. Welcome back. @Tranquility has been promoted to Server Support As Tranquility returned to the server after completing his tedious semester at college. He immediately proved that he was highly capable of handling the staff team just as he originally was doing before his priorities hit him. Welcome back! N/A We are looking for one more Server Support , if you think you have what it takes to handle this role... Apply now! https://ataraxia-ps.com/forum/forum/76-support-applications-open/?do=add Clumsy, Noele, Node & the Staff Team.
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    who needs 3rd age, bronze ftw.
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    Hi members of Ataraxia, today I bring you the staff update for the 19th March, 2018. @slither has been promoted to Server Moderator Slither is one of the most if not the most, dedicated as well as knowledgeable member of Ataraxia to this current day. His consistency has lead to his promotion. @Shiny Zeref has been promoted to Server Support Zeref is a long time friend of Noele's. He was recently added to the staff team as a support in-game, but he will be handling developer work behind the scenes! @Azai has been promoted to Server Support Azai has been a member of Ataraxia for a short time, but in these shorts months Azai has gained tons of knowledge. Azai has shown to be very active as well as helpful in the friends chat also. @lildude has been promoted to Server Support Lildude is one of the older member of the servers, but he's recently started playing again. Upon returning he switched his account mode up, and he's consistently played 15+ hour days as well as shared his knowledge about the server/ironman mode to anyone who has needed assistance. Possibly @Overpowered Congratulations on the promotion and welcome to the newest staff team members! Clumsy, Noele, Node & the Staff Team.
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    Hello everyone, some of you may know me, some of you may not know me, in short words; I'm proud to say i'm back. I return the server for mainly the banter and good laughs.
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    Greetings all! This morning I woke up with someone saying ''Tranq got his support back, does this mean fashionscape competitions again?'', and I thought why not? This time the rewards wont be money or regular items, but actually something fashion-related! A huge thanks to Clumsy for helping out with the rewards The event works like the following: Post a picture of your favourite outfit, and like always we will appreciate some creativity. Me and @Clumsy will decide who's got the best fashion! You are limited to posting 1 outfit only. The event will end Saturday the 24th. Rewards: 1st: 200M Glasses 2nd place: 100 cosmetic coins 3rd place: 50 cosmetic coins If you got any questions regarding what cosmetic coins are, or how they are used check out ;;thread 1526.
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    Heres my outfit, went for a simple look so nothing too flashy.
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    @Lit Congratulations Brother you have deserved it . also Congratilations to Tom,
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    Congratulations to the both of you
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    Thanks very much for the promotion! Looking forward to the grind!
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    Congratulations @Lit. Hope ya stick around xo.
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    Hello Ataraxia, this thread will be continuously updated when new staff are added or old staff are demoted/resign. The current staff list is: Owner Noel Co-Owner Clumsy Administrator Node Game Developer N/A Global Moderator Jad Overpowered Forum Moderator N/A Server Moderator Lit Slither Server Support Karuzo I Play Heaps Tranquility Xtra Virgin Azai Lildude
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    Welcome, Garret. A direct and great introduction Glad you're enjoying the server so far, looking forward to see you in-game. Btw, make sure to jump on our ;;discord! Sincerely Tranquility
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    Gz on support and Goodluck to all. https://gyazo.com/9291c54e9a49b9b839760791f5db0769
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    You mean demoted to admin? :smug:
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    Tom back at it again?? ayyyy
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    Hello everyone! This thread is to showcase the rewards avaible from the reaper store! I'd like to give a thanks to @Phippzy, as I referred to his complete reaper system guide for some of this useful information, however some of the stats were outdated. Grim Gem - Points - 5 - The gem allows you to contact Death wherever you may be located in the world. You can also re-roll tasks in order to stay in stay in one area. The use of the Grim Gem is also the only way to access the Reaper Titles. The Amulet of Souls - Points - 1000 - Best melee amulet in the game. The special effect allows Soul Split to have 50% chance to heal 25-50% more Reaper Necklace - Points - 750 - Best ranged necklace in the game. This necklace provides a special effect; all hits give a 0.1% hit chance buff in all styles for 55 seconds, stacking up to 30 times (a total 3% hit chance increase) The Ring of Death - Points - 750 - Best in ring slot. When a target is killed, there is a 50% chance of restoring the wearer's special attack by 1% for every 150 of the target's maximum life points, to a maximum of 15% special attack. Deathtouch Bracelet - Points - 750 - Best in slot both for magic and defence in the gloves slot. The special effect from this bracelet is a 1/5 chance of reflecting 25–50% of damage taken back onto opponents. Grim Reaper Hood - Points - 500 - The Reaper Hood is an interesting item that provides a 12.5% boost in damage and accuracy on Melee, Ranged, and Magic attacks against the player's current Reaper assignment. Scythe - Points - 500 - Tier 70 2h weapon. The scythe also has the chance of counting for 2 reaper kills, should you finish off a monster with it. Titles You can access these through the Grim Gem. The titles and their costs are as follows: - The Reaper - 500 Completed Contracts - Final Boss - 5000 Contract Kills - The Insane Reaper - 1,250 Completed Contracts - Insane Final Boss - 15,000 Contract Kills
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    (Left) My names Dom, I'm in college going for a bachelors in Software Engineering. I'm 25 this April. My hobbies are Nobudo, obstacle course racing, and parkour