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    As I stated in the video, I would love to know what you guys would like me to do, bring out a video weekly/biweekly, or wait for me to reach a higher tier of content before I start posting videos again. This isn't a rant or anything negative, just asking for your opinion and feedback, I'm completely new to making a youtube series so I am all for both positive and negative feedback.
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    I'm almost done with the goal of becoming a pvmer, please live a like and comment below what you think about the video. Thanks and no exp waste :3
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    In less than a week, i will be obtaining Completionist Cape (T) on my Veteran. Why is it taking so long? Well, i have to work 6 days in a row due to tax free weekend. So i want to do something special. Its been quite a journy since i last comped in june, but just recent devoted to trimming. I want to predict, with my current work scheduel, i will get the cape on August 12th, maybe the 13th. So, on August 15th i will host a Comp T Give away. Where i give back to the community whom helped me fit in when i first joined, and to the newer members of the community to make them feel the same wat i did when i joined. Welcomed. I will not be taking items from others to form this give away, this is out of my own pocket. I will do the give aways based on a random name picker. How to enter? Comment something you enjoy about ataraxia, a memorable screenshot of you and your friends, or just you having fun. and share this thread with one person. You could win gold, items, and if you arent a donator, you could win, bronze rank (20$ donation) but you MUST give a reasoning behind your like not only "i like the pvm" "pest control is nice" Be creative. Keep on gaining. And thank you for choosing Ataraxia for your hub for enjoyment. Because it sure is mine.
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    Hi, A lot of you don't know me so I guess I'll introduce myself. Just to not waste you're time, I'll make this short and sweet. I originally come from Rune-Server. My name is Aaron, I'm 25 years old and i'm currently in the United States Army as a Combat Photographer. I'm a Veteran RSPS player. I've been around the private server community since 2006, so 11 years and in that time I've learned multiple things. I've ran multiple servers, most very popular. I've worked with other seasoned programmers and have built numerous friendships along the way. I've ran upon this server from a Advertisement I saw, and quickly was blown away by how well-coded the server was and community website. I've not had one instance where I got someone not to be friendly and helpful. You all are like one big family, and I like to see that in a vast community of players. I hope to be of some help here, I'm a friendly guy I like to talk. If you have anything you might want to ask me, or maybe about the Army Then please leave a reply or a PM.. Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to get to know all of you.
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    Welcome :). See you ingame
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    Great video! Really enjoyed it
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    Happy to finally find a server with a decent playerbase and consistent updates with great content. Thank you.
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    a new fashionscape competition?
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    Nice first vid! Looking forward to more
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    Lmao I can't believe he actually died at 2594. Wonder which level he was missing
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    Haha nice video! Loved the end reaction
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    Wounded Samurai (with a jetpack)