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    Welcome back Tempest! Good to see you returned! (:
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    Saw you around a couple times back in the day, welcome back
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    Glad to have you back! I don't remember you because I just started a month or so back. But always good to know people return!
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    Did i saw you somewhere? You looks so familiar. I think i know you. I might know you. Ah yeah is Tempest,welcome back buddy. The runecrafting boss
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    Shiitt man. That's dope anyway! Keep the grind up man.
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    Hey! Welcome back bro! Glad to have you here. Give me a shout if you see me in-game Also: RuneSpan or old school methods? Bruh
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    Now looking back, i kinda hate that we didn't meet early enough where i actually grinded the server; I honestly would have enjoyed the server a lot more with you in those initial days. I really enjoyed the time which i spent with players like you, each and every bit, really kept me going. You personally pushed me (in spite of that HUGE timezone gap) to keep going in numerous occasions, i still remember the small challenge of yours to see who makes 5b cash and so on. Cheers for those good times we had, not just you, to all those players who made that possible. Have a good one and stop being a fuckboi