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    So as some of you know I just haven't been in-game recently for at least a month. IRL shit has hit me hard with me being jobless and also not having near enough time to commit to the server. This isn't a goodbye as I am not completely quitting, it's a sort of 'I will log in when I can' kind of thing. I'll always be on discord, and that's where you'll be able to find me. However, in the future if my situation doesn't improve I may have to say goodbye to everyone. Thought I'd make a post, just to let you know my situation.
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    This is a bit overdue, sorry if there was any confusion ingame. I'm an old player of Ataraxia and did work a bit back for the server. My overall RS experience has been in RSPS, and I've loved the game since I was young. In the present, I look back and remember that RS and private server development has even inspired what I want to do with my career. Noele offered me to become an admin to find and report bugs/issues to the development team. I'll also be online if anyone needs any help or wants to directly report an issue to me or, to hear out your suggestions for content fixes/changes, so just message me if you need! I'll either be on "Zero" or "Cero". Btw if I'm on Cero and you want to do some bossing, I'm your guy (fr not anything too hard tho I'm garbage) https://ataraxia-ps.com/bug <-- Use this to report bugs, and link to people if they ask where to report.
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    YESYES HIXXY! Congratulations brother, Hope it all goes swimmingly for you, i'll come for the baptism can't remember what u wet the baby's head with but i'll bring a bottle of the finest bourbon. Good luck my man.
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    Man that's huge, happy for ya.
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    The server is doing great in terms of finesse, especially the new bosses added are just top-notch. With all this amazing staff team, i think it's time to make the server define itself not just by 'Rots' or 'Araxxor' rather from the get go. Me personally who plays for 10-15+ hrs everyday (not atm but generally) ask myself why should i play or do stuffs after a certain point? 'cause loots from bosses aren't the only defining factor at least for players who spend over an year here, basically to say who have achieved and tried all aspects of the game. Now coming to the point, I would say add a Point based system for bosses killed and a store to spend em but not sure if that's possible now. Next are Achievements / Task System, again if this merely is the same as Comp t then it wouldn't do any good, basically would just add to the boredom. They need to be unique, they need to challenging, they should be such that everyone is able to participate i.e, Easy, Medium, Hard and maybe even Elite achievements. Apart from these, 'Daily tasks' would further test a player, making him to do something which is unexpected and exciting, again difficulty sorted by levels or number of achievements completed. All these again would boil down to whether the rewards are appealing or just players doing these content till they get those 'shiny' 1 or 2 items and stop. The store definitely needs a revamp, like i've stressed whenever possible, we need more consumable rewards and not item based. Example: Add something like a token which would give 2x for 10 minutes for combat, another one for skilling, people vote-use and re-vote to get em. Items would just make people stop after a point unless they have a market value. Dwarf multi cannon and its inclusion w/ Slayer - Again i can't stress enough how it would impact Pvm and Skillers. This probably is one of the must have things which would help the players improve their clearing speed / efficiency while Pvming. Pvm Hiscores? - Top 5-10 players who have the most kills in that boss. Reaper Hiscores? - Top 5-10 players who have the most kills while on reaper tasks and Contracts completed. More pvp inclusion would definitely help the server. Dreadnips? The stats revamp was a good move, didn't get a chance to check it due to some technical issues i was having but we definitely needed that. Overall all am saying is there are very few or probably close to none who provide such finesse, the server would look much better if we offer more daily content and rewards which are not just item based so players have something to do everyday and for a long run.
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    If you don't mind me asking how old are you? You look sorted af in life. My name is Jaedmo, I enjoy playing Soccer and Ataraxia and my current job is this
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    well bai , keep posting good "stuff" in the discord some of us have to take breaks for reasons outside of our own control