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  1. Here's mine. My cape is comp.
  2. yo, welcome back.
  3. RIP Jaedmo. I love ya, buddy.
  4. So as some of you know I just haven't been in-game recently for at least a month. IRL shit has hit me hard with me being jobless and also not having near enough time to commit to the server. This isn't a goodbye as I am not completely quitting, it's a sort of 'I will log in when I can' kind of thing. I'll always be on discord, and that's where you'll be able to find me. However, in the future if my situation doesn't improve I may have to say goodbye to everyone. Thought I'd make a post, just to let you know my situation.
  5. hallo
  6. Good bye, xans.
  7. i wondered where you went dreas. disappearing from streaming just like that. wish you a good recovery.
  8. haha, eventually this gets posted. gratz everyone.
  9. What is the issue? Nex still isn't working properly. It's phases are fine but when nex goes into the middle of the room and you can't attack her, that shouldn't happen. Also, if you don't relog before you enter, her room glitches and the minions go outside the walls forcing you to ;;mz. I've also noticed this with Bandos, but not in instances. how to fix? Follow a nex tutorial, to see how she is meant to work. What is the issue? There's no GE at PZ. There's one at MZ... so why not PZ. Also as mentioned the summoning obelisk does not work and I don't think the XP boost works.
  10. naice.
  11. I feel exactly the same way as you it's why I haven't played in 3 weeks.
  12. Oh no. :l
  13. Congratulations to both and good luck kieren.
  14. I currently own - Prime Hatchling (Boss pet) Sq'irks The Parrot (SOF Pet) Baby Basilisk (Bought from the Soul Wars store) Kharidian Cat (SOF Pet) Sneakerpeeper (Bought from the dungeoneering store) Golden Chinchompa (Donator store) Buddy (SOF Pet) Pirate Sheep (SOF Pet)
  15. ayyyyyyy