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  1. hallo
  2. Good bye, xans.
  3. i wondered where you went dreas. disappearing from streaming just like that. wish you a good recovery.
  4. haha, eventually this gets posted. gratz everyone.
  5. What is the issue? Nex still isn't working properly. It's phases are fine but when nex goes into the middle of the room and you can't attack her, that shouldn't happen. Also, if you don't relog before you enter, her room glitches and the minions go outside the walls forcing you to ;;mz. I've also noticed this with Bandos, but not in instances. how to fix? Follow a nex tutorial, to see how she is meant to work. What is the issue? There's no GE at PZ. There's one at MZ... so why not PZ. Also as mentioned the summoning obelisk does not work and I don't think the XP boost works.
  6. naice.
  7. I feel exactly the same way as you it's why I haven't played in 3 weeks.
  8. Oh no. :l
  9. Congratulations to both and good luck kieren.
  10. I currently own - Prime Hatchling (Boss pet) Sq'irks The Parrot (SOF Pet) Baby Basilisk (Bought from the Soul Wars store) Kharidian Cat (SOF Pet) Sneakerpeeper (Bought from the dungeoneering store) Golden Chinchompa (Donator store) Buddy (SOF Pet) Pirate Sheep (SOF Pet)
  11. ayyyyyyy
  12. gooooooooooooooooood luck.
  13. see you in a week
  14. Well I certainly didn't expect that mention. Thank you. But I'm not sure what it's for?? Congrats to @Dreas Snow also, my partner in crime and Robin for being MOTM.
  15. So here's my feedback: Positive: 1. It ran well, the event went swimmingly and people didn't seem to have too many problems. 2. The rewards were great, thanks to people for donating them. Negative: 1. I had no idea what I was looking for on the wordsearch clue, at least the way it was worded until I had it pointed out to me which enabled me to go the location. 2. Speaking of the gnome maze, luckily I saw the purple dot but I know others had no idea where he was/couldn't see him due to no communication, like an 'I'm here!' when a player goes past, etc. 3. I got 'noted down' for clue #1. I know all rewards had been claimed but I had no idea prior to going there where cook told me that I was late. So just a bit of communication, that's all. Very good event, though.