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  1. Because I cherish your vote anyway :smorc:
  2. You're dead to me Anon.
  3. :feelsbadman:
  4. And Milo!
  5. Pfft. Wait for my friends to get on... hopefully they'll save me..
  6. The greatest most important poll to ever be made ever.
  7. Hope you’re doing alright buddy, check disc pms. I didnt know you “too” well but i remember watching some of your streams @Dreas Snow
  8. If anything skilling and dung will be #1.
  9. Great quote slider, love ya
  10. I'm not botting :feelsbadman: and ;;pz seren stones are broken.
  11. Not botting you nub Just afking. Who do you think I am, Heaps?
  12. Well boys. I know only ~7 of you care but the day is here. If i'm on i'm afking c ore at ;;pz. Ciao boys, I'll be in discord. Figured I'd add this. One dumb stake lead to another and by the time I realized it I went too far. I always preach to not stake what you can't afford to lose. Edit #2: I don't plan on quitting for good, although I have no plans on bossing, pvming, etc. I don't know what I'll end up doing. Dice has logged out.
  13. I call this baby "THE BANANA LORD". Criticism is appreciated.
  14. Ryan=Toucan
  15. Not sure where to post this but auras can't be banned in a stake and can be used in a stake.