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  1. Tom back at it again?? ayyyy
  2. girls dont play video games
  3. Thanks for giving me a chance at support in the past, glad to have had you as my co-owner. Take care in life jam
  4. Damn, Castlevania is always gonna be one of the OG games Welcome to Ataraxia
  5. It's been a good run, thanks for having me on the staff team
  6. The hype
  7. You still have my crown of seasons too for real though goodluck with school
  8. Hey mushroom potato
  9. Welcome to Ataraxia, I'm sure your grind service will be helpful to many
  10. Welcome to Ataraxia If you need any help feel free to pm me
  11. About time we get a big giveaway again will definitely be pitching
  12. Kris confirmed it'd take at least 1k kills of each dragon to make the full set.
  13. Time to get 5000 consecutive hours logged