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  1. postcountwhore Perhaps if I was still active I'd beat you.. Instantly.
  2. Looking forward to seeing some juicy progress. Best of luck!
  3. Best of luck with all your goals, Whoops.
  4. I mean didn't you make these userbars? :^) 1 demotion for 3 promotions, seems legit.
  5. Not that I'm really upset, it's just that I don't see why they were changed in the first place. No point in making a thread for one suggestion either, I already spoke to Jaedmo about this, saying it's just the font that makes it look unprofessional.
  6. The time of the people who worked on it would be fully wasted. As everyone else said, you could just ask in FC, look on forums, or look at the RS3 wiki.
  7. This definitely makes me want to go to Kalphite Queen.
  8. Worsened* Thanks for the updates, Jaedmo.
  9. Welcome aboard, Ryan! Looking forward to meeting you in-game.
  10. Or just look at Ryan's bank. Cool video, Jaedmo!
  11. I know, it's great. I have a great graphic designer willing to work for money, found here.
  12. You got 1B Fishing so 1B Slayer should be a breeze :kappa:
  13. Quite the introduction, Ryan! I already got the fortune to meet you in-game, and you seem like a really cool guy, welcome aboard!