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  1. Congrats to all the new staff! May you be a positive influence on the server
  2. Will miss ya. You were definitely a great part of this server. Best of luck irl.
  3. Sorry to hear I know the situation all too well.
  4. I believe this update is already in the works.
  5. Welcome to the server
  6. Welcome regardless I've seen you in game a lot. Keep up the good work!
  7. Welcome to the forums! Best of luck with your services. I suggest possibly getting more well known/trusted, but you're welcome to offer whatever services you like.
  8. Welcome to the server pm a staff member (like me) in game if you have any questions
  9. Welcome to the server!
  10. Great video thanks for featuring my guide enter me in
  11. Welcome to the server
  12. Welcome to the server, and if you have any questions, pm me or another staff member in game.
  13. Welcome to the server
  14. Best of luck, I shall contribute soon <3
  15. Will miss you