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  1. Veryyy nice
  2. IGN: Kimchilove Best of luck Dreas
  3. Nice meeting you yesterday xans. Best of luck
  4. I'm going to be honest. I read your post Kris and from the details you provide, the new combat system seems to be far superior. Having played with the new system and the old system, I really don't mind the new one. I have max gear and can still kill bosses with relative ease although the bonuses have been decreased a little bit. I am ready to trade my gear bonuses for a better game/PvM experience. You've done some great work with this latest update and I am looking forward to the addition of new bosses in the future. Personally, I like that now melee, range AND mage are all viable options for PvM rather than just range. It was certainly unbalanced before and more balanced now. I think one of the problems that has arisen from this update is item pricing. Items that were overpowered previously (ex. drygore mace) has gotten a significant balance while the drygore longsword has gotten a significant "buff." Considering that a mace was around 5b to 6b and a longsword was around 700m, the idea that they are now relatively similar in power may be irritating to some people. Nevertheless, I believe the economy will recover from this, it will just take time.
  5. HAHA good luck
  6. Congrats Nobu! Well deserved and no surprise at all lol
  7. Congrats Tom!
  8. Good work! IGN: Kimchilove
  9. Good luck with this
  10. Welcome
  11. Best wishes and a speedy recovery
  12. Had me excited