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  1. Congratulations, @Multiply. I like seeing this community grow. Long live Ataraxia.
  2. What is the issue?: Dominion Staff currently not giving out unlimited elemental runes. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Dominion_staff What is the issue?: Camel Staff currently not giving out unlimited fire runes. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Camel_staff What is the issue?: Ripper Claws' stats currently have range strength bonus instead of strength bonus and are lacking in their accuracy.
  3. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW Phoenix Person! (It's a Rick and Morty Character.)
  4. I loved that response. 'Rich get richer, smh.' The tone of it all was priceless. Thanks for the video, Jaedmo.
  5. Congratulations Josh. Keep on doing those videos man. Ultra professional.
  6. I want that Zaryte bow, also noice PvM guide. I suck at it, so this helps me a lot.
  7. Honestly I feel like general bug fixes should be worked on. Combat Attack Styles interface. Dominion Staff is currently not giving unlimited to all elemental runes. Also, the Camel Staff is currently not giving Unlimited Air/Fire runes. There might be a few other staffs with the same lack of functionality, haven't really checked. Shameless plug for HCI: Will edit as time goes on, or as I find more things to rant about.
  8. Nice video, also just commenting for staff.