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  1. I just can't get enough of these types of event, so here I am. Again. After playing around with a few color schemes, I finally decided on the best one: red/orange/yellow. Suitably, that fits the theme of fire, and this character is pretty close to being a "pyromaniac" (nudge nudge, wink wink). He lives for fiery excitement, building fires whenever and wherever he feels the need to satiate his dream of shining brighter than anyone ever could. At least, that's what his ego convinces him to believe. And I can't believe just how many top contenders there are this time around! Best of luck, everyone! This is going to be very interesting. Here's the photos below. For your viewing pleasure. Hopefully.
  2. Thank you (sincerely) for the photographed spot! This is the best chance, thus far, for one of the worst 'hide and seek' players to finally reach the gold! ... Or silver... Or bronze. I don't reckon there's a participation award, is there? Well... there was no rush, and will only be randomness. I guess I'm fine with that. Jokes aside... good luck, everyone! It does apply here, of course. I'm eager to see the results!
  3. Sorry for the tardiness! The lore that I tried to have this clothing bring forth would be that of a nomad of an unknown origin, because, of course, his origin doesn't matter, anyway. He would just travel across lands, between dimensions, and pick up pieces with him as he went along. And although his bronze crossbow kind of takes away from the idea that he's slaying dragons and saving kingdoms, that's not what he lives for. He seeks the thrill of exploration, dressing up in whatever he deems to be "flashy" or "spiffy enough." Now, you might still be wondering what the actual theme is, but even I couldn't really give you one. However, I did juggle around the idea of "facades," as in a person's efforts to appear as closely they can to what they find to be "perfect." In this case, his idea of perfection is to be a warlock that is more mesmerizing in appearance than in actual skill; or to masquerade as one, because that's probably the closest he'll get. In short, this outfit is "a result of an international and interdimensional search for fancy garments" if you want to make it sound dramatic. Ironically, a couple of the pieces also came from the Squeal of Fortune, so there's that for "exploration" on my part. Nevertheless, I wish the best of luck to the other competitors. It looks like this'll be a tight race! I hope you'll enjoy the images as much as I did in making them. Come on, then. What are you waiting for? Scenery Pictures [1] Front View [2] Back View [3]
  4. Welcome to Ataraxia! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.