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  1. Hello. For those of you who bought cosmetics overrides before the new system arrived, The names of some overrides were changed. Here is a list of the names of all the old overrides: Paladin -> Paladin Outfit. Warlord -> Tokhaar Warlord Outfit. Kalphite -> Kalphite Sentinel Outfit. Demonflesh -> Greater Demonflesh Armour. Assassin -> Assassin Outfit. Skeleton -> Deathless Regent Outfit. Goth -> Ravenskull Outfit. Mummy -> Ancient Mummy Outfit. Replica Dragon -> Replica Dragon Plate Armour. Sentinel -> Blessed Sentinel Outfit. Reaver -> Cursed Reaver Outfit. Hiker -> Hiker Costume. Skyguard -> Aviansie Skyguard Outfit. Vyrewatch -> Vyrewatch Skyshadow Outfit. Snowman -> Snowman Costume. Samurai -> Samurai Outfit. Warm Winter -> Warm Winter Outfit. Dark Lord -> Dark Lord Outfit. Notice that there are 2 outfits(Remokee, Obsidian) missing from the list. because they were removed as they are not overrides in runescape.