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  1. Reported to the feds.
  2. Hopefully I am! I am currently enrolled in college and I work part-time! When I join a server I enjoy I stay for as long as humanly possible so let's hope so! Thanks for the response man.
  3. Congratulations to those promoted! @Aeso and @Keenan Sorry to hear that @Kieran had to leave but I am sure it was for the best, later brother.
  4. Seems like an interesting idea to recognize non-staff for their dedication to not only the server, but the players too. Might be a goal to shoot for. Congrats @ZSR
  5. Never met you back in the days that I played, but hope that can change! Welcome back dude, hope the new update that was pushed suits you.
  6. Hello Ataraxia, Gary here! At first this thread is gonna be barebone and fairly empty so bare with me. I am learning the server once again and still searching for what I want to do. At the moment I just want to work towards completing my Completionist cape and the Trimmed version as well! Titles and things will come as I complete the tasks for the capes, but I eventually want all the titles I can achieve as well as all of the achievable pets! This post will also be used to post drops/pet drops/etc so stay tuned for some of those as I get into PvMing more and more. The results from my events and giveaways that I will be hosting will also be posted here! Here are my current completionist and trimmed completionist milestones. As I said I know this is quite empty but it will get updated as I get attuned to the server these coming weeks. As always thanks for reading, - Gary
  7. Hello everyone! Many of you probably do not know me, but for those that do I am glad to be back and hopefully we can catch up sometime! For those of you who have absolutely no idea who I am or what I am about here is a short introduction. My name is Gary (obviously) and I have played this server quite a bit in the past. I left due to real life catching up to me. I was a server support for a while as well. Anyways I am here to stay for the longest foreseeable future and I plan to make my stay a blast for everyone. I will be making a forum post about this, but I plan to have weekly server events (when my money situation allows it) in which I will reward the winners some store credits, so stay tuned! Anyways thanks for reading, - Gary