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  1. Happy to see you're enjoying yourself here at Ataraxia, Vibe. Hopefully there will be many more enjoyable months to come!
  2. Hi.

    Welcome to the Forums, Ryan. Hope to see you in-game as well! Best of luck with all of your endeavors here at Ataraxia.
  3. Best of luck with the veteran grind, Vibe!
  4. Another very nice video, Jaedmo. The quality of your videos just keeps improving. Keep up the good work! this also really makes me want to camp corp for awhile. Unless I win that divine, of course.
  5. I figured out how to fix them @Phippzy- Just double click on the images while you are editing and you're able to resize them accordingly
  6. These are some mighty impressive goals you have set. Best of luck, Wait!
  7. Very nice updates Noel. Can't wait to check out the changes on some bosses.
  8. Best of luck in your IRL endeavors, Meu. Was a pleasure playing with you. Really hope you can find the time to stop by every once in a while to say what's up.
  9. Ooh, this is a tasty looking giveaway :-) Best of luck to everyone. IGN: Spooky
  10. Oooh interesting. Best of luck to everyone who participates!
  11. Nice video Jaedmo! Cant wait to see more to this series. Do 100 barrows chests next!
  12. Welcome to the community, Vise! Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  13. WEAK AF
  14. We are definitely getting a bit off topic here, but farming them is the best way to go about it as snapdragons dont drop much as an herb, but the seeds are quite common
  15. Clumsy knows this just as well as we do. and they are not really impossible to gather, just takes a lot of time and effort (which is just how it's supposed to be on HC/Ironman). Tbh, all we need are Grenwals and a decent way to get Wines of Zamorak for overloads and it would be perfectly fine.