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  1. Yo guys, today Ive just gotten 250 hardmode gregorovic kills from gwd2. It took longer than my last 250 kills because hardmode greg takes more time to kill than furies This was done on 5k rep, expert mode. Other than that, here's the loot Do note that I got 3 more glaives but i've sold them so the total loot isnt exactly accurate. But selling those glaives made me about 3.5b in profits, I'm yet to sell these crests and essences tho. Other than that, the boss is very simple and there's not much to it once you get to know it. I think my next boss will be vindicta or kalphite king (not sure about them tho)
  2. I really love the new GWD2 content, refreshing, fun, replayable, and you get the added bonus of making money. One of the dev team's finest works! great job to everyone who worked on it. Can't wait till the bugs in it get ironed out. This was done with 5k reputation, expert mode. I don't know what he total price of the loot is as it's new content and nobody's buying Other than that, i'm going to camp more bosses and posting loot pics
  3. Welcome back to the server!
  4. Welcome to the server!
  5. Welcome to the server bud!
  6. Hopefully you get well soon! We would love to see you come back.
  7. Welcome to the forums!
  8. What is the issue?: Friends chat crashing the game whenever I use any of the killcount chats, the "I have killed...." of a certain boss When does it occur?: Everytime I click on any of those lines, my game automatically crashes.
  9. Oh wow, everyone's leaving Good luck in your future endeavours man
  10. What is the issue?: Bugged pathing at Corp Beast, sometimes when dodging the core corp it makes you walk undearneath corp, or pulls you back to where you were, or just you start dancing with corp with can make for some pretty stupid deaths. How often does it occur: It doesn't occur much but its frequent when trying to dodge the dark core.
  11. Really? Superior vesta spear for corp!
  12. What is the issue?: The inability to colour cosmetic wings and them only being in one colour, green. This happens to all wings that have a custom colour section. When does it occur? (if relevant): When trying to colour the wings, it simply just doesn't change the colour
  13. Hey everyone, I know I might be late on this one as I already have 400h clocked in the server. I thought I'd like to introduce myself properly on the forums. I've been an old player of Edelar, some of you may know me as w0w back in the edelar days, I quit after a while because I was bored of the game and I wanted to focus on my eSports career in Overwatch. Came back to the RSPS scene only recently and somehow found this server by chance when browsing for servers, got surprised to find out that alot of my old friends from edelar are still playing here. And again I know im a bit late on this wich made this awkward to write, but I'll be happy to meet you ingame. ^ _ ^
  14. This is a very minor feature but i would love to see the effects of some weapons added For example, C weapons have a 12% to do 25% more damage but its not added, and other effects for other weapons too, like the chance to save runes for certain staves These are not so important ingame but I feel like they'd add more value to certain items in the game