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  1. I will, don't worry. *LOVE YA*
  2. Since people saw my last post, I kinda decided to say my farewells, I'll miss this server, the community, and the loving support of all the people that talked to me. I'll miss all of you, each and every single human/Ataraxian. I've seen so many great memories and memes. People I love the most: Loure, Vr4, Hohenheim, Snix, Captain Cook, Kieran, Sander, CJ/Franklin, Quantum08, Tranquility/Ryan, Nobuyuki, Jaddiction, Dice. Why I love these people? Here's Why! Loure: You're definitely my absolute favorite, you for one: Maxed my account, and noticed i couldnt pay you, so you let it slide. VR4: As you probably won't see this, you gave me tons of pvm gear that I wanted, and didnt charge me. Hohenheim: We talked so often and I enjoyed every second of it. Snix: I always had good conversations with you, you're a funny kind hearted person. Captain Cook: Even though i didnt talk to you much, I still looked up to you when you were a moderator. Kieran: You're funny, kind, and so many other things, you made my stay here well worthwhile. Sander: oh god, the meme lord, you asked me for cat and doggo pics everytime you saw me and had the chance to ask and it made me laugh everytime. Franklin: same thing with sander, you were a meme lord, and nsfw-dweller, I enjoyed your company and help when i needed it most. Quantum: You are a WONDERFUL staff asset, you've helped me so much over my time here and I thank you. Ryan: I miss your fashionscape competitions even though i didnt win, but i certainly did have fun. Nobuyuki: You're a upbeat kind of guy, you understand what i'm going through at the moment and I can tell you'll be there when I need you to be. Jaddiction: You're also a very good staff member, you're a good leader and i look up to you. Dice: I loved saying ;BANDICE: in discord everytime you said something, I'll miss you dearly. I'll try my best to pop in every so often, but it's not a definite. I LOVE YOU ALL!
  3. So, to start off, I don't know if I'm quitting or taking a break. Don't get me wrong.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERVER. but life for me has immensely sped up, school, relationship, moving, work, and all around time consuming activites have limited my playing time. I doubt anyone even knows who i am in-game, but for the ones who do know, ill miss you, for the ones that dont know me, let me list all my display names. Ivanka Trump Itz Ryder Oceanic Kerisine and a couple others. Special shout out to Vr4, who i dont even think plays anymore, but he helped me out with pvm armor and stuff when i needed it. another shout out to hohenheim, who also doesnt really play anymore. I'll hopefully be back soon. miss you guys.
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Kerisine, Or Oceanic via Ingame. So far, this server has shown a lot of promise, I love it so very much and I continue to actively play. A couple of things i'm into, hobby wise (I'll break this into sections) Music Genres Rock Dubstep EDM Trap Rap Hiphop Sports Nothing really that I like in the sports section other then football (US) Im very big into technology and the art of hardware specifications. I currently am in school, studying botany and anything to do with electronics. My real name is Dustin, but i go by DJ. I love food and I Often cook for myself. (I DONT SHARE) Thanks for taking the time to read my short introduction about myself, Ciao!
  5. Ingame Name: Oceanic (DisplayName) Username: Kerisine Hope you likey!