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  1. Welcome DanceMeister! Presence and the unfinished RSMV Art House video actually gave me chills which doesn't happen that often! Great job dude, glad to see someone so creative in the community! See you in-game! Edit for Presence: Welcome to the weebnation!
  2. Welcome to the server! I'm glad you're liking it and hope many more like you join!
  3. Welcome to the server! Hope you're enjoying it. [:
  4. Welcome to the server! Glad to see another member join! See you in-game! [:
  5. Welcome to the server Johan! Hope you're enjoying it so far. If you have any questions, feel free to message any of the staff members. [: See you in-game!
  6. Goodluck with your videos!
  7. Hey

    Welcome to the server!
  8. I love your profile gif.


  9. Thanks for the guide, at least now I have some knowledge on how to do it.
  10. Take care buddy! Wish you well.
  11. I would love to see the rs3 interface and everything that comes with it, not the abilities.
  12. Great patch! Loving the balance updates!
  13. My opinion is short and straight to the point; Go for it! Make your application and we'll see from there.
  14. Good job Vr4! Keep it up lad! (: Good to see people posting feedback about individual staff members.
  15. As meu said, most won't care about it but some will. Just asking you to watch it a bit, don't worry if you do it once every now and then! We all do it sometimes. [: Aslong as you're not being toxic towards players we're good!