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  1. Hello fellow Ataraxians! As most of you have noticed, I barely been online in-game and since then resigned to Forum Moderator. As this is actually a pretty dead rank since the forums are properly being taken care of by admins+ there is no real need for me moderating the forums. So as of of today I'll be leaving the staff team, I'll still be around on the discord and maybe hop online every now and then till I'll eventually find my way back to the lovely game called Runescape. Thanks to everybody I've worked with on the staff team, it has been a great experience. Yours sincerely, The Weebest
  2. It was a pleasure working with you, good experience buddy. See you around!
  3. Welcome to the server you orcish beauty, hope you'll enjoy!
  4. Best of luck to everyone participating! Curious to see what people come up with. [:
  5. Welcome back!
  6. Welcome to the server Rikku! Hope you enjoy and you will for sure meet some nice people to play with here!
  7. Wishing you the best of luck buddy! Hope you'll be back and untill then, enjoy whatever you're going to do and good luck with what you're going through!
  8. Lmao, well shit.. Fixed ;P Not cringe at all!
  9. Never happened.
  10. Well shit, I suck... Fixed.
  11. You two are completely right, it was early in the morning and I totally forgot. Both added! Also forgot to add Panda in. Thank you for noticing this and pointing it out.
  12. Hi members of Ataraxia, today I bring you the staff update for the December 1st, 2017. A lot of changes towards a better Ataraxia! @Jaddiction has been promoted to Global Moderator You are an excellent asset to our team and I'm happy that you took over this position, You've worked really hard for this and hopefully you'll manage to keep it up! Great work Jaddiction, congratulations! @Overpowered has been promoted to Game Moderator You have really stepped up since you became Support, you deserve it. A great asset for us at the moment, keep up the great work. @Dice has been promoted to Game Moderator Just like Overpowered, he has shown great dedication towards our community. I wish you the best of luck. @Sander has been promoted to Server Support Even though your application lacked, your activity and dedication do not! You're active, helpful and a good candidate for Support. I wish you the best of luck. @quantum08 has been promoted to Server Support Very active and helpful, keep up the good work. I wish you the best of luck. @Kieran has been promoted to Server Support Kieran has been away for a while taking care of his personal interests. Has been a great player once again and definitely deserves Server Support! Keep it up! @Fat Panda has been promoted to Server Support He's been support for a while since the last staff update, great support and very active whenever he can be. As some may know, he had some personal stuff going on. Very dedicated and a great guy! Keep it up! @Jaedmo has resigned from Co-Owner Thank you so much for everything that you've done and are still doing for Ataraxia. Even though I have only known you for so long, you've been one hell of a Co-Owner! Take care Jaedmo! @Kris has resigned from Game Developer @Nobuyuki has resigned from Global Moderator to Forums Moderator @Snixie has resigned from Game Moderator @CapTain_CooK has resigned from Game Moderator Regards, The Staff Team
  13. Voter of the Month - November Hi Members of Ataraxia, another month, another VotM Yet again, this person has voted an incredible amount of times this month! @C J Congratulations on winning $10 store credit! Thank you all for what you do for the community, The Staff Team.
  14. Member of the Month - November Hello members of Ataraxia. This person has been consistently active and helpful. You have been around for quite a while and this shows in the way you interact and help our community! I'm happy to let you know that the Member of the Month for November is; @slither Commiserations to the other honourable mentions for the MOTM for November, keep going as you have been and you'll benefit the Ataraxia community even more. I'd like to thank you all for what you've been doing the past month. @Overpowered Hjoyn Thank you all for what you do for the community, The Staff Team.
  15. Welcome to the forums buddy!