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  1. thats the thing with OBS, it usually auto sets to your settings for your pc to try and pull best output.
  2. Thanks for the shoutout. haha very nice vid. The Run was sloppy due to i forgot rax arrows since im so used to melee.
  3. +1 This. but unfortunately, Ataraxia doesnt pay my rent and my phone bills haha OT: Incredible Patch. Fresh new content, Major re-works. This update was definitely worth the wait.
  4. With the new release of Rise of the Six, its going to be something to work on, due to finding a good team is quite rough (its challenging so no surprise) APROX Chests done: 38 Day 1 - 9\15 Time Laps: 3hours 41 minutes Shield Count 0 Day 2 9\16 Time Laps: 4hours, 11 minutes Shield Count 0 Day 3 Time Laps:
  5. thats def. the other way around, ill be picking up tips from him. lol
  6. if i cant think of anything better this will be a priority and yeah, i havn't seen to many of them that are recent. we do have some recent ones however. and theyre great. which made me one to do one, even though i am already T comp, but a progress video starting from where i am now. on the highscores all the way to. Say, the top three.
  7. While going through ataraxias archive theres bits and peices of content from just series on progress or loot from X videos and a wide variety of different videos. And with my new pc set up i want to start doing something like this myself. Something to give to the community as im inspired by our fellow community members taking time to go and make a video to share. But what? Im looking for a theme of videos. I had thought of doing progress videos as ive been spending a lot of time, devoted to skilling, climbing the ranks on our highscores. So i thought that would be interesting, do a vid or two a week. But im going to leave this here as a suggestion thread om a series or just a type of video you, the community, would be interested in.
  8. Yeah, theyre still very good. Consistancy is key on a good video, but with cercomstances i know how it is.
  9. Gains. May start a small series myself..when i can be bothered to do expert. or may just start a road to 26b on jad. Still many choices to choose from.
  10. Not a bad video but if possible try and record video on high detail. or stick to 1 detail. Keep em up bud.
  11. Welcome friend. fill free to join our discord.
  12. I will be making a guide to help aid on what needs to be done as video doesnt explain anything, just knowd what the fight is and a gist om how its suposed to go. This will not be something you can just equipt magic range or melee and just prod 1 style. Your team will need to consist of 2 mages a melee and a ranger to deal with the combat triangle, it is purposly made for this, if you try and main one combat style your team will fail. There is no way around that. T80 gesr that is shown will NOT be like it is. The gear shown is about if not identical to top tier after bonuses are set accordingly.
  13. Rise of the Six fight example. 3-manning (isn't possible on live but we couldn't get an experienced 4th member so we had to improvise). The video is in no way perfect but after two hours of trying we decided to just take what we could get. Shows all kinds of different abilities the wights have as well as what the difficulty of the fight will be when it's released on the live (The armours we used, by the time it's released will be equivalent to max armours on live in terms of difficulty). Enjoy. Video Credits: Jaddiction, Kris, And Hjoyn
  14. Helped kris add this content and i havnt even done them yet apart from beta. Such great videos.
  15. Welcome Cody! Be sure to check up on our guides section for money making and just general Guides to help you around Ataraxia For questions, you can find me on Jaddiction or occasionally on SRL