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  1. Welcome to Ataraxia. Be sure to look at our archive of information for your understanding here Knowledge base: https://ataraxia-ps.com/forum/forum/18-knowledge-base/ Guides: https://ataraxia-ps.com/forum/forum/27-guides/ Got something you want to see added?: https://ataraxia-ps.com/forum/forum/38-suggestions/
  2. Best wish's my dude. Hope everything works out and we see you back real soon.
  3. Very nicely done. Great work.
  4. Hope to see you in the near future. Good luck on your behalf on your life en devours.
  5. Going to miss having you around. so ill leave on this note get yo S- Together, and we'll see you again real soon. Take care Bradley
  6. These progress videos are really entertaining to watch, looking foward to them comp progression.
  7. Welcome man.
  8. Welcome my dude.
  9. :bandice:
  10. Congradulations franklin
  11. Ign: Jaddiction Had a few interactions here and there in the early 2017. And its sad to see another veteran depart, but things dont last forever. Health is vital so i see where your coming from, i do wish the best on your endeavours and hope we can chat in the near future.
  12. thats the thing with OBS, it usually auto sets to your settings for your pc to try and pull best output.
  13. Thanks for the shoutout. haha very nice vid. The Run was sloppy due to i forgot rax arrows since im so used to melee.
  14. +1 This. but unfortunately, Ataraxia doesnt pay my rent and my phone bills haha OT: Incredible Patch. Fresh new content, Major re-works. This update was definitely worth the wait.