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  1. Congrats man! A new life is coming and responsibilities too with him. Was a pleasure to meet you in-game a little, Enjoy life and take care! <3
  2. Dany, I was just getting know to you. You are a really nice person, I haven´t met someone like you yet. You wasn´t busy when it come to pvm with me even for just 3 kills, you never said no to me. Wish you can stay a little more but if its you personal desition, i won´t do anything to stop you. Its good to know someone like you and plus that you know spanish. I felt cool when you talked spanish, becasue the isn´t many spanish people in game. Peace man, I will miss you <3
  3. Hahaha yeah you was always on my team :3
  4. Thanks 3go much love man!! <3
  5. Nice Video Maximum!
  6. Sorry for the mic guys i know the issue now hope you enjoy and cheers <3
  7. I can´t wait to watch those new prayers! What a great job from the developers! <3 Keep it up guys!
  9. Please live a like or a cooments :3
  10. Enjoy it guys! <3
  11. Thanks alot kim!! I will be posting more, im so close to my goal <3
  12. I'm almost done with the goal of becoming a pvmer, please live a like and comment below what you think about the video. Thanks and no exp waste :3
  13. Hello guys!!! NEW VIDEO! Hope you can help me out with a like really apreciate that!! Thanks for wastcing bois!