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  1. Hello everyone,i haven't really done an introduction,so here it is,my name is Sammy or you can just call me Sam,whatever floats your boat,i am 20 years old,i am from Lithuania,but now i live in Germany (for more than a year now).I have played a lot of RSPS servers in my life since i was 12,so i have seen a lot of good and bad. I used to be a designer with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and one 3D (or 4D) program,but i have forgotten its name.. anyway, since 2015 i haven't touched any of those,because in Germany you have to pay for everything.. I would love to show you my work,but i don't think i have anything left. If i get my hands on Photoshop i will post my work for sure Now some other things you should know about me. If i really enjoy a server you will often see me on forums or just skilling and trying to help (if i can) in game,other than that i am not a huge fan of Pking mostly because i can't pk properly.. so i just spend my time getting money the hard way from PvM and skilling and re-selling stuff (i am pretty good at it). Other than all of this i am a friendly dud,so don't be shy to chat with me.If you have any questions feel free to ask, Sam.