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  1. Shhhhh mateeee
  2. For real, something that isn't great but it's something that gives an opportunity to us all for a new direction. James taught me everything I needed to know here when I first joined, he was like my daddy B-) and now he's leaving (typical). Absolutely had me in tears at some point with the way you rinse people, James and a whole lot more, gonna miss those Staff Meetings with you. I can understand your reasoning and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. We all have lives to fulfil and you can't expect to solely fulfil it with RSPS ESPECIALLY with the amount of hours you have devoted. I guess it's different for people like me since we can find shit to do with the servers and always keep our minds busy whereas you were performing repetitive tasks a lot. I can see it becoming unbecoming. Sad to see you go though mate, truly an icon for everyone here. Luv u longtime ma bb<3
  3. Shiitt man. That's dope anyway! Keep the grind up man.
  4. Hey! Welcome back bro! Glad to have you here. Give me a shout if you see me in-game Also: RuneSpan or old school methods? Bruh
  5. You should have seen this coming, Dice. Ban Dice
  6. Welcome to the server man! Do I see a carbine with a custom rail >_> oooooooooooooooooo
  7. Stop grave-digging.
  8. Accepted. Welcome to beta
  9. Hey everyone, So I'm creating this thread to open up a place for you guys to suggest content you would like to see after Kris has finished the Slayer rework. I would like to say that we have recently seen a small downfall in feedback since the previous update, however this has since calmed down and people seem to be adjusting well. So there are just 2 rules here which I suggest be followed otherwise you will be infracted, I will be moderating this thread very closely. - Do not post sarcastic comments related to the previous update, we recognise it caused some upset behaviour between individuals but the Staff have read most of your opinions and Kris has even made a thread regarding the combat. - Keep the suggestions reasonable, most things can be done but things like Invention cannot be added and Ports cannot be reworked. Respect these rules & the forums rules and this should go smoothly. Kris will also be reading this thread himself, so let's hear it. I look forward to hearing what you guys have to suggest! Side note (Quote by Kris):
  10. Good stuff guys. Lovely video, good to see A LOT of progress on this. Can't wait for everyone to try it
  11. Bruh, you just played almost the entire playerbase hahaha.
  12. Welcome lad. Take it easy and enjoy yourself here!
  13. I agree with