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  1. ahahaha the ending had me dying. Congrats Jaddiction, and nice video Jaedmo, lemme get dat lava whip.
  2. GEMSTONE DRAGONS GUIDE LINK: https://ataraxia-ps.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1653-bolins-guide-to-gemstone-dragons/#comment-10270 NOTE: XP RATES WERE DONE ON EXPERT MODE.
  3. Bloom doesn't work for me in all of the GFX settings -- Doesn't allow me to click 'yes' on the option.
  4. To view these updates in written form; click the link below.
  5. Funniest thing happened to me last night whilst I showered, the video below explains everything that happened. Enjoy!
  6. Hello guys Josh here! As the title says, I will being 3 kiln services for one lucky person! In order to enter for this competition, you must like the video posted below: Subscribe to my Youtube channel right below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYnXolDr-b9_ifRXyuL6UJA & Comment under the video and on this forum thread your username requested reward! The event end date is August 15th-- so players have some time to notice this video. Q/A: What if I got all three kiln capes? A: I will do x3 services for x3 onyx rewards totaling 150M in Onyx's or 150M Ataraxia GP. Q/A: Can I get three of one certain cape? A: Yes. Q/A: How will the winner be chosen? A: I will use a random name generator to choose the winner. NOTE: I will be making sure the winner has subscribed, liked and posted information under this thread and on the youtube video-- YOU MUST FOLLOW THOSE STEPS IN ORDER WIN.
  7. Definitely a nice suprise to wake up to. I honestly make the guides and content because I truly love the server and love seeing it flourish from what it once was months ago. The content won't stop and i'm still waiting on that patch notes to drop so i can make a new video
  8. Congratulations @Ariana on that votebot! No but forreal, congrats bbygrl
  9. I would like to own a Zaryte Bow! Nice loot video, Jaedmo!
  10. Hello, @Cjay0091 , one piece of content i'd like to see in-game that woul definitely be great, would be Enhanced Excalibur. It was approved back in January and is yet to be implemented. Accepted thread link here: Would love to finally see an important item to high-level bossing added. Also would like to see Araxxor pet's added in-game, because i'm 400 killcount and it sucks players can't obtain them yet. Thank you.
  11. Your username sounds very familiar... but besides thanks for taking on a hefty role!
  12. Not smart to notify players/ staff that you will be botting mate.
  13. Thanks for this.
  14. Hope i'm able to win twice with this piece of art. I call this, Angry Angel Clown With Burnt Boiled Egg