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  1. Come back soon . Hope everything works out, and we're all here to support you.
  2. Great to see more support, and always love finding bugs within game. See ya on the server man.
  3. Welcome to the community man, Hope you like it here. There's a lot of good experienced players here if you need anything.
  4. Sad to see you go. Always put health first though.
  5. Neat. I'm loving these updates that are coming in one after another. Thanks!
  6. WOW! Amazing updates! Good job on all the hard work, and support!
  7. Any chance you're Kieran from Kieranscape from a long time ago?

    1. Kieran


      Nope. Haha I do get asked this a lot though, not from that server but from many others, seems i'm the only one people don't know!


  8. Hi, A lot of you don't know me so I guess I'll introduce myself. Just to not waste you're time, I'll make this short and sweet. I originally come from Rune-Server. My name is Aaron, I'm 25 years old and i'm currently in the United States Army as a Combat Photographer. I'm a Veteran RSPS player. I've been around the private server community since 2006, so 11 years and in that time I've learned multiple things. I've ran multiple servers, most very popular. I've worked with other seasoned programmers and have built numerous friendships along the way. I've ran upon this server from a Advertisement I saw, and quickly was blown away by how well-coded the server was and community website. I've not had one instance where I got someone not to be friendly and helpful. You all are like one big family, and I like to see that in a vast community of players. I hope to be of some help here, I'm a friendly guy I like to talk. If you have anything you might want to ask me, or maybe about the Army Then please leave a reply or a PM.. Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to get to know all of you.