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  1. Great post! be sure to make more so we can get more activity on forums!
  2. We never really talked in game but once in a while we just talk random shit on discord like this But anyways i'm sure we gonna talk a lot in the better discord channel hue!
  3. In-game Name: Quantum10 Image proof of HCIM status: Any previous punishments: - Any unique accomplishments: not yet but gonna play on this while i grind 1b's on my main Some goals you have set: primary goal is comp cape , mayby trimmed if i get worthy protectors for wildy wyrm, after that pvm all the way!
  4. And another veteran leaves :feelsbadman: , But goodluck irl!
  5. Welcome to Ataraxia! hope you have great time in here!
  6. Looks like this is going to be your end of the road :bandice:
  7. Wooo nice vid even i was there
  8. In-game Name: Quantum08Age:17Hours Played: 520hExpected activity on the beta: Mostly Pvm content. i'm not keen on skilling but will do that if needed.Any other notes: I will try my best to give notes with correct grammar and such, as my english might not be very good.
  9. ign:quantum08 :Bandice:
  10. And back to low details =)