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  1. before reading the thread, i was like "damn, server is ded" lol. I had an hcim with over 2k total, but i killed it on purpose cuz i was mad at something. No pictures though, sadly
  2. I'm a simple man. I see a beach, a dog and a cute kitten, i like. No for the gun, other than that, welcome
  3. what the
  4. i feel a bit sad for using my ign to participate on the private dp, but i'd feel more wrong if i didn't. I don't know you well, so will skip the bullshit. Wish u the best of luck motivation irl. When i loose motivation on runescape i quit it, but then i loose motiovation in life and i come back to play again Anyway: IGN: acaraje
  5. Welcome
  6. @Kris
  7. please let's revive this topic
  8. first one to be caught on this and post about it as usual
  9. Welcome!
  10. Welcome dancemeister! I just came here for my reputation, cuz it makes my digg bicker
  11. Most stuff i want are small-scale like you said, but i'm waiting like forever for them: - Reaper hood decent bonuses - Reaper scythe especial effect being worth it using - Reaper tasks expansion (haar aken, vorago etc) - Way to make summoning flasks (they are very helpful for skilled pvmers) - More pvp related updates
  12. I know i will sound annoying, but what's the point of this thread since we have a suggestions page already?
  13. It's on member zone. Maybe in priffdians aswell
  14. In-game Name: Meu ovo (Display: Acaraje) Age: 22 Hours Played: 900-1000 Expected activity on the beta: I can test everything, especially monsters in general. Any other notes: If there's anything i like to say i'm good at, it's pvming. I'm known by my friends as the bug founder guy. I teach a lot of people how to pvm. Downside: I never played RS3, but if there's a need to test anything rs3 related, i can watch some videos and learn how it's supposed to work. Just as UZI's app, i think i will fit more as a beta tester than as a support player (which i will still apply for someday) because of the free time on my hands. Currently i have 2 hours a day to play, and if there's any need to test something, i will use that time for it. Edit: I play RS since i was 12, and RSPS for over 7 years now. I do everything, including high skill pking (Hybrid and NH AKA Tribrid)