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  1. before reading the thread, i was like "damn, server is ded" lol. I had an hcim with over 2k total, but i killed it on purpose cuz i was mad at something. No pictures though, sadly
  2. I'm a simple man. I see a beach, a dog and a cute kitten, i like. No for the gun, other than that, welcome
  3. what the
  4. i feel a bit sad for using my ign to participate on the private dp, but i'd feel more wrong if i didn't. I don't know you well, so will skip the bullshit. Wish u the best of luck motivation irl. When i loose motivation on runescape i quit it, but then i loose motiovation in life and i come back to play again Anyway: IGN: acaraje
  5. Welcome
  6. Bringing back this thread because is gold AF How to make a meme: http://imgur.com/memegen
  7. @Kris
  8. please let's revive this topic
  9. first one to be caught on this and post about it as usual
  10. Welcome!
  11. Welcome dancemeister! I just came here for my reputation, cuz it makes my digg bicker
  12. Most stuff i want are small-scale like you said, but i'm waiting like forever for them: - Reaper hood decent bonuses - Reaper scythe especial effect being worth it using - Reaper tasks expansion (haar aken, vorago etc) - Way to make summoning flasks (they are very helpful for skilled pvmers) - More pvp related updates
  13. In-game Name: Meu ovo (Display: Acaraje) Age: 22 Hours Played: 900-1000 Expected activity on the beta: I can test everything, especially monsters in general. Any other notes: If there's anything i like to say i'm good at, it's pvming. I'm known by my friends as the bug founder guy. I teach a lot of people how to pvm. Downside: I never played RS3, but if there's a need to test anything rs3 related, i can watch some videos and learn how it's supposed to work. Just as UZI's app, i think i will fit more as a beta tester than as a support player (which i will still apply for someday) because of the free time on my hands. Currently i have 2 hours a day to play, and if there's any need to test something, i will use that time for it. Edit: I play RS since i was 12, and RSPS for over 7 years now. I do everything, including high skill pking (Hybrid and NH AKA Tribrid)
  14. I know i will sound annoying, but what's the point of this thread since we have a suggestions page already?
  15. It's on member zone. Maybe in priffdians aswell
  16. Honestly I just want to thank you, because I've waited so much for this, and you guys have done an amazing job. Sure there were some forgotten items such as reaper hood, comp cape etc, but overall, it made a big diference, for the better of the economy. As what i wanted to be changed, is ROTS drop rate, but seems like everyone is talking about it already (btw, i didn't even get my set). Again, I feel like those noobs some players just aren't good enough pvming because the other day i was fucking bad at it, and now i can easily solo any boss (except vorago, ofc), in t70 gear. Kris, you rock Pls, fix reaper hood.
  17. Honestly, those road to all pets and 120 all skills are getting boring af. I lost count on how many threads were made for it, and no one finished. The only thing i would like to follow (though i read pretty much all threads/replies) is any kind of video with decent edition. Loot rom rune dragons would be meh. we wanna see new stuff I'd enjoy a lot a loot from 1-99 slayer on expert, 99-120, 120-200m, how long it took, stuff like that. Or, loot from x ammount of reapers, stuff like that. Usually, loot from bosses aren't cool unless you do as hit load of kills like Jaedmo does (he doesnt actually do the kills but i know what i mean).
  18. Are u serious? This is the second time you get me... smh. Not clicking on those again. edit: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmnnnnnn. Fuck life, man, i gotta quit my job and play ataraxia allday now, lmao. For real, you guys rock.
  19. This question is directed to everyone Reason i ask this is because it's getting more common people asking me to apply, no only for a regular support rank, but especially to help Brazilian players who can't speak english at all. I would like to apply, and of course i would have to change the way i play the game, because at this moment 90% of the time i'm either bossing or talking to my closest friends in-game. Being a support player, i would spend most of my time helping the players. However, there's a problem: my ingame activity. Though i have close to 1k hours playtime, currently i'm only playing like 2 hours a day on weekdays, and average 5h a day on weekends. So, i would not help as much as a regular support, but at least we could do more to help those who have a hard time trying to communicate with staff. Usually i log in at 7pm or 8 pm (GMT -3) on weekdays. Plus, i'm very active on forums, i may not reply on most threads, but i'm always watching, and i could answer most pms quickly. This thread is not an application (though it may work as one), i really just want to know what you guys think about it, if i should give it i try, or even someone else who knows how to speak english. Edit: Fun fact. After I decided to make a Brazilian clan, i realized that at least 20% of the player base is BR.
  20. There's a big difference betwen regular and support players when it comes to helping people. Being a regular player you can answer questions and that's all. There are moments when players have questions/need help with more serious stuff, and they will look for staff because they can be trusted 100%, and that's one of the benefits that come with the rank, for those who want to help. You can also be "tickted", which is very handy. NO one will be on fc like "if u need help pm me". Only people who do that are those who want more chances to be accepted like 1 week or so before applying, I know that i don't need a rank to help people, and i already do that, but if i decide to apply and get accepted, i will change the way i interact with people, to a more professional way, give more attention to them, etc. It's not like i disrespect players or ignore them, you know what i mean, TL:DR you can (not will) help much more just for having a support rank. Other than that, it's all about your intentions.
  21. I don't think anyone care about that, but yeh...you never know when someone will get offended. Anyway, welcome
  22. I was about to do the same, but after the time/money i spent getting comp t, i'm fine with vet....
  23. Do at least 100 and a nox set is guaranteed. Try to post a picture or show on video the final loot from x kills. It's cool to see, just like Jaedmo does. nive video though