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  1. so i will explain who i am what i will be doing on this server. i am Simon i am 21 years old i am from amsterdam. i work from monday till friday from 07:00 untill 19:00. what i am doing on this server? i will start a xp-service for you guys (this will also include comp reqs). you can hire me for ingame gp or donate in my name. but i will make a thread about this. why do i like grinding? well i am an endgame rs-player i have a main with over 2.1b xp and a alt account with currently nearly 400m xp. do i still play rs03? yes i play it nearly everyday but on the weekend i play the most. do i have other things beside runescape? yes, on friday night ill visit some friends same as saturday night. i also go to festivals around the netherland. been to defqon 1, mysteryland, tommorowland, ultra music festival maimi and many more. ill see you guys ingame i will be playing my veteran and my int acc. Vet: Elysian V2 int: Elysian tank