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  1. M8 you've been long overdue for this, glad to see you've come to the forums to make it official. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay :^) I know we all will.
  2. Welcome to the server, i'm sure you'll love the server just like we all do. Don't be afraid to ask anyone about anything, we are all here to help make your experience here the best as possible. - Fat Panda
  3. Reserved for my screeie.
  4. Yayy new stuff c:
  5. meep.
  6. I say no, the server has always revolved around PvM mechanics and the ability to know the best ways to progress through PvM. Swish explained it the best. I've had countless members I enjoyed actually bossing and playing the game with quit from being cleaned. And the only result is the other person's immense bank getting larger. Ely Sia N's bank is a perfect example. Almost all of his riches were gained from gambling and it all (mostly) just kind of sits there and isn't involved in the economy. Make SURE the rewards are not something that can give any edge over actual game content from others.
  7. we luff you.
  8. Well, it would give me things to do i suppose. Support/Don't care either way. If this is implemented i agree with ROBIN, add a Comp T requirement.
  9. Good luck to you Swish, quite the list you have there sir.
  10. lava strykes ya nub.
  11. red weeny pls.
  12. phree stuff. Fat Panda
  13. welcome to the forums and the server!
  14. Fixed. Now you can view my first tab.